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What should I look for in a nail salon?

Choosing A Nail Salon

Carla Kay (Celebrity Manicurist) gives expert video advice on: What should I look for in a nail salon?; How do I know if a nail salon is licensed?; What should I look for in a manicurist? and more...

What should I look for in a nail salon?

When you first walk in, you should look at the floor, make sure the floor is clean, there aren't nail clippings everywhere, and dust. You should look for the license immediately. That should be posted on the wall, one that is current and up to date, and it matches that person who is ready to do your nails. Bottles should be cleaned off, and labels should be on them. There should be an implement with either barbacide or autoclave that heats up the implements, because bacteria sits on implements. You should be responsible by taking in your own implements sometimes, because that lessens your worry of whether the implement is clean, or if they are going to give an infection, and then you can be responsible for cleaning your own implements and feeling safer.

What should I look for in a manicurist?

What you should look for in a manicurist is that she does a great job, that she's clean, that she cleans her implements, and that she doesn't hurt you, because a manicure/pedicure should not hurt. When I've worked on people, they say, "Oh! You didnt even hurt me!" and I say, "What are you talking about? Its not supposed to hurt." Also, make sure that, when you get a manicure, you're enjoying yourself. Even if the person does a great job, if you're not enjoying yourself, your time is too precious to sit there and not be happy.

Why should nail salon tools be sanitized?

Salon implements should be sanitized for the safety of each client that's coming through that door, because it's a major responsibility as a manacurist to clean that stuff where you're not spreading infection to your clients. One way of cleaning implements is either a heating system, which is called an autoclave, or there could be an implement box with barbaside that is soaked for ten minutes and then taken out, and put into a closed area in between clients. It's just like getting an operation by a doctor. If you're going to go have a surgery by a doctor, you want to make sure the needles he's pulling out are fresh, and the scalpel is not used from somebody else two minutes ago in a surgery. It's that important. Cleaning implements at a manicure, as well as going into any type of surgery.