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How can I test a foundation's colour?

Choosing Colours To Suit Colouring

Daniel Sandler (Professional Make up artist) gives expert video advice on: How do I choose a lipstick colour that suits me?; I've got pale skin, are there any colours that I should avoid?; Can I wear more than one colour on my face? and more...

I've got pale skin, are there any colours that I should avoid?

When youve got pale skin, the worst thing you can possibly do when choosing colours to suit your colouring, is use color where it's barely there. Why bother, basically? If you've got fair skin, dont use pale lips because you'll look completely washed out. Again, don't use a pale cheek color because it won't enliven your complexion. Certainly stear clear away from whites or flat beiges or even soft, pale pink on the eyes if your colouring is pale. It won't do you any favors. What you do want to go for if you have pale colouring is something that gives a little bit of energy to your skin and that will liven your complexion. Use something rich in colour, a little bit warm, and possibly something a little bit smokey at times if you are pale in colouring.

I've got dark skin, are there any colours that I should avoid?

The fabulous thing about dark skin is you can usually get away with wearing bright, vivid colours with your colouring. Anybody pale in colouring would look like a clown, but you girls with gorgeous dark skin, you can really afford to wear the bright pinks, the bright blues, the turquoises, whatever. But you should really steer clear from anything that contrasts completely the other way. So if you've got dark skin and colouring, don't use anything that looks white or beige or cream because the contrast will be so extreme it wont be flattering to your colouring and it will make you look like a clown. I think using anything too dark on your dark skin can actually detract from your beautiful dark skin. Again don't use any colours that are similar to your own skin tone because what's the point? They won't stand out against your dark skin and colouring. What I do suggest you use are pinks and purples and golds and bronzes, lush, exotic, sexy colours that enliven your dark complexion. Steer clear from colours like black, brown and dark grey because really they're not going to do anything for your colouring and dark skin.

I have a pinkish complexion, which colours will suit me best?

If you have a pinkish complexion and colouring I think really what you want to go for are colors like gold or bronzes and really dark chocolate browns on your eyes. Stay clear of browns that have too much orange because they'll make your eyes look sore. With your pinkish complexion what you want to do is either use a little bronze on your cheeks or a peachy corally kind of blush. And then a nude lip color with a hint of peach gloss on the top. You'll be absolutely perfect as that will absolutely suit your pinkish complexion and colouring.

I have a sallow complexion, which colour will suit me best?

If you have a sallow complexion and colouring, on your eyes I think you should go for golds, browns, and bronzes, because they're rich colors and they'll make the whites of your eyes look whiter. Definitely on your cheeks go for a pink, because the pink on your cheeks will make you look like you've had a fabulous holiday, like youve just come off the beach and really suit your sallow complexion and colouring. And again, team it up with a nice pink on the lips so you're getting a wonderful fresh color, which will really not make you look sallow at all in your complexion or colouring.

Can I wear more than one colour on my face?

With wearing colour on your face, no matter your colouring, it's best to really stick to colour on one zone. So if you're wearing a bright red lipstick play down the eye makeup and just wear a very pretty, cute colour. That's absolutely perfect for all colourings! But if you're a very trendy young girl and you want to wear some fabulous eye colours, orange, green, or purple and blue, or turquoise and bright pink on your eyes, wear them in a nice graphic, bold statement so it looks like its fashion. Otherwise only ever wear one bright colour to one zone - don't wear more than one colour on your face - no matter your colouring.