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What was the 'OSS'?

CIA Beginnings

Ronald Kessler (Author of "The Terrorist Watch: Inside The Desperate Race To Stop The Next Attack") gives expert video advice on: What was the 'OSS'?; When did the OSS start?; Why did the OSS end? and more...

What was the 'OSS'?

The OSS was mainly a paramilitary organization, which would use covert means to go after the enemy, namely Nazi Germany. It really didn't do much in the way of gathering intelligence. And some of its methods were rather silly. They would have these devices that would create huge stink bombs and stuff like that. So it was sort of very rudimentary, but it was the beginnings of the CIA.

When did the OSS start?

The OSS started at 1943 and ended after world war two.

Why did the OSS end?

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) ended simply because World War II was over, and at the time no one forced the need for any further intelligence gathering operation.

How did the OSS become the CIA?

The OSS transmuted into the CIA through a whole range of agencies that were created. Eventually, we got to the point where we had a CIA which was intended to not only do paramilitary, but also gather intelligence.