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Why should I use a tailor?

Clothing Tailors

Kool Keita (Wardrobe Stylist) gives expert video advice on: Why should I use a tailor? and more...

Why should I use a tailor?

You should use a clothing tailor because everybody wants a custom fit outfit, or custom fit pieces, where there's a jacket, a shirt, jeans, trousers, and even a T-shirt. If you have a T-shirt where the neck is a little bit too loose, but you love the tee shirt but you don't want to throw it away, take it to a tailor. They can take it and pull it up in the back and sew it and it'll be a brand new T-shirt that's fitted to your body.

What is a clothing 'fitting'?

A clothing fitting entails going to a tailor, or having a tailor come to you, and taking all your measurements from shoulder to wrist, your chest, your inseam, your outseam, your hat size, your neck size. The tailor takes those measurements and either creates an outfit custom or tailors a new piece to those measurements. That's what a fitting is.

What is a clothing 'alteration'?

A clothing alteration is the process that takes place after the fitting. They take the measurements and they cut and sew the clothing to fit your specific measurements.

What is the average cost of a clothing alteration?

The average cost of a clothing alteration depends on whether it is something simple, like a minor hem, or something being taken in in the waist. If it's something where they have to open up the seams and cut and close the seams back again, the price is going to be a little bit more. The prices range anywhere from five dollars up to fifty dollars for a simple alteration. If you want something more, say you have a jacket that needs to be altered and fit to your size, that cost from seventy-five dollars and up.

What is 'custom tailoring'?

Custom tailoring is creating your own design or concept for an outfit and having it made specifically for you. You would want something like this because it would be one of a kind. It's a little bit costly but if you can afford it, it's worth it.

Is custom tailoring expensive?

The average cost of custom tailoring depends on the item. If it's a shirt, it cost anywhere from $100 and up. If it's jeans or trousers, it can cost from $250 and up. If it's a jacket custom tailoring can cost you from $350. It all depends on the fabric you choose, and how intricate and detailed you want the stitching.

What is clothes 'repairing'?

Clothes repairing is taking an article of clothing that you already have, that you love, to a tailor. Clothes repairing can be two things. The piece can be damaged in a certain area and you get it fixed, or you take an idea that you have already and you add to that garment and make it something special or something different.

What is the average cost to repair my clothes?

The average cost to repair a garment can be from $20 to $200, depending on what you want and the fabrics you want. Once again, the stitching, the buttons, all of these things that are extra, cost more, so pay attention to exactly what you want when you get that item repaired.

How can a tailor alter my pants?

A tailor can alter your pants by adding to the waistline or taking away from the waistline, making the waistline lower, and in some instances they can make it higher by adding fabric. They also can take in in the buttocks and make that fit your butt better. A tailor can also make the hem shorter or longer, and make it bootcut or skinny or capri.

How can a tailor alter my skirts?

A tailor can alter your skirt by taking a skirt in. Let's say you have a skirt that has a lot of volume, but now you realize that style isn't you anymore and you want something like a pencil skirt. Take that skirt to a tailor and they will fit it to you and make it pencil. Make the necessary cuts and hems and have it fit to your size and your style that you want. You can also take a skirt and have it cut so that you have a split in the skirt for movement, and you can also add different things like patches and appliques, or make the skirt be a fishtail or mermaid style if you want.

How can a tailor alter my jackets?

There are a lot of things that a tailor can do to a jacket. They can make it fitted for you and bring it in in the waist. They can also take it in in the shoulders, making it thick, giving you a broader, more chiseled effect to your body type, whether you are pear shape, petite or hourglass. They can add buttons if you need them, or extend or shorten the sleeves. Whatever it is that you need to be done to the jacket, consult a tailor and they can take care of it.

How can a tailor alter my shirts?

A tailor can alter a shirt by taking it in, in the waist, making it more slim fit. They can also take in underneath the arm and in the shoulder so you that don't have that sagginess underneath the arm that some shirts have when you buy off the rack in a store. Also they can shorten the sleeves, or even extend the sleeves. But, if they extend the sleeves, make sure that you supply the fabric that YOU want, because you can wind up unhappy if you let THEM supply their own. Lastly, adding buttons to a shirt can make a shirt look much more elegant and rich. So that's another option that you have.

How can a tailor alter my dresses?

A tailor can alter your dresses in several ways. First of all, sometimes you want your dress to be shorter. That's the most common request that people have for a tailor. The second thing is, they can take a dress and create a waistline. Every now and then, you buy a dress off the rack and it bunches on the waist, so you take it to a tailor, and they can get rid of all that and make it fit impeccably.