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Computer Tips And Tricks

Computer Tips And Tricks

Ali Nasri (Computer Specialist, Mac 911 Inc.) gives expert video advice on: How can I keep my computer system running longer and more efficiently?; What should I do if my Internet browser is running slow? and more...

What is the best way to keep my drives clean?

The best way to keep your drives clean is to clear your cache of temporary files. If you're using Windows, that can be done from within the operating system. You can also optimize your hard drive with commercial utilities that'll go through your hard drive and take all the information and put it in one contiguous area so that your hard drive can access the information more efficiently. This will keep your drives clean and improve the speed of your computer.

What should I do if my Internet browser is running slow?

If your internet browser is slow and pudgy, it's often due to a corrupt file in your cache. You should first empty your browser cache to see if that helps the problem. If that doesn't do it, sometimes when your connection is slow it could be a specific site that's causing a problem. Try a different site and see if your speed is better. If it is, you'll know that it's the site that is causing your internet to run slowly.