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Why is cuticle care important?

Cuticle Care

Carla Kay (Celebrity Manicurist) gives expert video advice on: Why is cuticle care important?; How should I care for my cuticles?; Why are my cuticles uneven? and more...

Why is cuticle care important?

Cuticle care is very important - it's a part of our health. We need to moisturize and take care of these cuticles, because if we don't replenish them with moisture, they're going to crack. When your hands don't look good, you don't feel good, so your cuticles are very important. Do not cut the seal off, because if you cut that seal off, you're going to have infections. That seal is there for a reason - it's to protect our nails and keep our nails healthy. Take care of them, apply cuticle oil as much as possible, and pay attention to the cuticles.

Why are my cuticles uneven?

Your cuticles are uneven probably because of a manicure. A lot of manicurists like to take off that entire seal, which should not be touched. If they are cutting that whole seal, it is going to grow back uneven - you should just push, rub away and leave it alone.

What causes puffy cuticles?

Puffy cuticles can be caused by different things. Pushing too hard with metal implements can lead to inflammation, or you might be allergic to the products that other people are using. You'll find within a few hours, a few minutes even. If you are allergic to a product, go wash your hands with soapy water, and don't use that product again. Be very gentle when you're pushing them back.

Why do my cuticles peel?

Cuticles can peel from cutting too much, by cutting up above the cuticle area. Cuticles can peel from working with paper, or just being too dry and not adding enough moisture to them.

Can I stop my cuticles from growing?

Nobody can stop their nails or their cuticles from growing. It's just a part of our form, our body. It's actually a good sign when your cuticles are growing. You can avoid overgrowing by pushing them back, on a weekly basis if you need to, but you are not going to stop your cuticles from growing - it's just part of your nail build up.