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Is a hand written CV acceptable?

CV Style

Rod Cornwell (International Director, Thomas International) gives expert video advice on: How do I make my CV look good?; Should I add my photo to my CV?; Should I tailor my CV to a particular job? and more...

Is a hand written CV acceptable?

Most people these days use either a computer or a typewriter to generate their CV, so it's nice and neat. They can send it off by email or they can send it off by post. It's very, very unusual to receive a hand-written CV. You have to consider the type of job that you're going for. If it's a technology-based company that you're going to be working for in a technological role, you need to show your proficiency with a computer. You are opening yourself up to the opportunity of having your CV rejected in that type of industry if it's hand-written.

Should I add colour graphics and patterns to my CV?

If you're applying for a job as a graphics designer, or a similar creative job, then by all means use colour, graphics and lots of use of visuals. However, the general rule with CVs is to keep it as simple and neat as possible, so just stick to black and white.

How important is attractive design?

The secret with your CV, in terms of how it's presented, is to keep it as simple as possible. Keep the font pretty much standard as you go through. A few lines here and there is absolutely fine, maybe bold or italicised. However, in the main, keep your CV neat. It looks much, much better if it's very straightforward.

Should I add my photo to my CV?

If you're thinking about putting your photograph on your CV, think about whether it's actually necessary. If you're going to become a model, then of course your future employer needs to know what you're going to look like. However, quite often, people put their photo on the front of their CV and I would always ask whether that is relevant to the role? The one thing you must do is make sure that they look at the abilities that you have on the CV, and not necessarily what you look like. A photograph could influence the judgment of your future employer.

Should I tailor my CV to a particular job?

You could be up against really stiff competition. So it's very important that you tailor your CV to the needs of the particular job or role. Your employer, or future employer, needs to be able to look at that CV have it say something that he is interested in.