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How likely am I to die accidentally from because of physician error?

Death And Bad Medicine

Michael Largo (Author) gives expert video advice on: What is the safest day of the week to have surgery?; What are the chances my prescription drugs might kill me?; What are the risks in taking diet pills? and more...

How likely am I to die accidentally from because of physician error?

Nowadays, going to the doctor can be as deadly as not going to the doctor. Over 90,000 people die a year under supervised medical care. There's this new term that is appearing on death certificates called iatrogenics. Iatrogenics sounds like some kind of strange disease, but actually, over 250,000 death certificates last year had iatrogenics as a cause, which means "by other means." They're not naming their precise cause of death. This is a way to avoid the real things that are killing people when they go into either hospitals or under medical care.

Can participating in medical research be fatal?

In the last 60 years, over 5,000 people have died from participating in medical research. Predominantly, medical researchers used to try different drugs and different products on prisoners. Prisoners would volunteer, and they'd get an extra $1 or $15 in concession from participating in medical research. And everything from Agent Orange or any nuclear toxin chemical was injected to see what the reaction would be. So when participating in medical research, you're using something that medical researchers don't know the results of, and that's why they're asking for volunteers. It's definitely prudent to check out the type of thing that the medical research is trying, and get as much research as you can before you raise your hand and volunteer.

What is the safest day of the week to have surgery?

According to hospital exit records, Monday seems to be the most safest day to have surgery. Now it is even more specific than that because if the doctors have been off that weekend it is very important to see whether your surgeon was off or working. If he was off on that weekend then it is better to schedule the surgery after lunch. If he had been working Sunday then it is OK to have surgery at 9 a.m. Still the safest day of the week proves to be Monday.

What are the risks in seeing an unlicensed doctor?

Over the last thirty years over fourteen thousand people have died at the hands of unlicensed doctors, so the risk is high. Unlicensed doctors come in two categories: doctors that never had a license at all, and got their degree from the internet. It seems that the most forged professions are medical doctors followed by RN's (registered nurses) and the third is dentists. So these people had never been doctors before causing the risk of most deaths. But there is also the risk of a number of doctors who lost their licenses, who have continued to practice for one reason or another, and have also contributed to a number of fatalities.

What are the chances my prescription drugs might kill me?

Over 1,000 deaths occur from people taking prescribed medicines exactly as directed. Most of these deaths from prescribed medicines occurred because one doctor prescribes one type of medicine and the other specialist has no clue. Cross- or polypharmacy is the name of this type of death from prescription medicine. It is very important to have prescription drugs checked by one primary doctor to see if they all are compatible in order to not die from taking medicines exactly as directed.

What are the chances of dying from Botox injections?

Botulinum toxin is not only used for cosmetics, but it's used for other medical procedures. Depending on the application, the applicator, and the knowledge of how to use it, that's really the key. Over 2500 deaths have occurred since 1985 from the misapplication of botulinum toxin.

What are the risks in taking diet pills?

Over three billion doses of diet pills are taken each year in America. Most of the deaths are cross-related: in other words, they're using other types of substances in conjunction with the diet pills. Most of them are simply placebos. However, there have been over 100 deaths in the last five years from overdoses on different types of ephedrine and other types of chemicals that are used in the diet pills, especially if there's any type of herbal concoction or a diet pill that comes from overseas. So diet pills, dieting, people looking for the fast road to lose some weight, I think might be better on the treadmill than the diet pill.

What are the chances of dying from gastric bypass surgery?

Over 60,000 people have had gastric bypass surgery. The chances are less than they were previously and when the procedure was first begun; more than 30,000 people had died of trying to use this method of reducing the size of the intestines and the stomach. Nowadays the fatalities from gastric bypass come from the type of material or method used. Lately there have been some deaths from staple guns because that's the new form of gastric bypass surgery, when the staple gun malfunctions and the staple opens inside the patient. Also, a lot of people have been trying to get cheaper rates on gastric bypass surgery and have gone to foreign countries to get gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately, a lot of these come back not only with no gastric bypass, but they also may be losing a kidney.