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At what age do psychic abilities usually surface?

Developing Psychic Abilities

Lisa Williams (Medium, Talk Show Host, Author) gives expert video advice on: At what age do psychic abilities usually surface?; Are there any tools to help me develop and strengthen my psychic abilities?; What kind of exercises can I do to increase my psychic awareness? and more...

At what age do psychic abilities usually surface?

We all have psychic awareness from a very, very young age because we've come as a baby from the source that we're going back up to. So our awareness is very, very open. Most children stay very open up until probably the age of seven or eight, and that's when society tells us it's wrong to have this awareness and these abilities. That's when children tend to close down. Then, generally, when we start opening up again is when we either lose somebody or we've had a tragic incident in our life, we've been incredibly ill, or the fact that we actually have our own mind now and it's like, okay, whatever is behind me is real and even though someone else can't see it, I can feel it. So it's all about trusting your instincts and realizing that whoever you're seeing back here is actually a spirit around you. It can be at any age.

Are there any tools to help me develop and strengthen my psychic abilities?

There are many tools to help you strengthen your psychic abilities. Meditation is the biggest key. Finding your own quiet time, finding out what you hold within yourself, and also looking at what is your psychic ability? What is your spiritual ability? Some people are gifted healers, but they so desperately want to see into the future, but actually that gift isn't healing, so they can't force it. You have to say it and think, ok, do my hands go hot for no reason? Do I see colors around people, or do I just know when there's a physical presence behind someone that actually have actually passed over? Then you have to decide what is your strongest point, then from there focus on that and meditate and be patient.

What kind of exercises can I do to increase my psychic awareness?

The exercises that I would say that you should do to increase your physic awareness are first of all meditation. Meditation, finding that quiet time, using the third eye, always have a journal by the side of you so when you do see visions, or you see people or you hear things, jot them down. And although it will not make sense to you at that time, you will find that as time goes on you'll go "ah, that means this". That's the first key. You could also play with a friend. You can sit in one room, that person can sit in another room and you can do an exercise to develop your ESP. You could draw a triangle, and your friend has to guess what it is . You have to project that triangle over to your friend's mind. And your friend then can think, "okay, oh, "it's a triangle", and then compare notes, and visa versa. So, there 's many things. Just like by thinking "okay, when's my phone going to ring". Next thing you know, it rings. So, there's many things that you can just think, "okay, I want to have an awareness, I want to develop it". And, many people, it happens without people realizing. Just by thinking about a friend and then suddenly they turn up. That's just developing your psychic awareness.

Is psychic ability hereditary?

A lot of people ask me whether psychic ability is hereditary. In my case it is, my grandmother was a well-known psychic and medium. And it skipped a generation because my mother hasn't got the ability to the extent that I have. But then there are other things where you can have a tragic accident or you can be ill or you could lose somebody of major importance and it's at that time that you often find your psychic awareness and your spiritual awareness heightens.

Can you lose your psychic ability?

We all have an ability, we all have a psychic awareness, we all have that gut feeling. Whether or not we can lose it is up for debate. Personally, I don't think we can ever lose that intuition, like gut feeling, but if you've developed your ability to a higher level like I have, I can lose that if I mistreat my gifts. If I use it for self gain, if my ego takes the better of me, then yes I can lose the heightened state of awareness that I have but I'll never lose that gut instinct.

Are there people with no psychic abilities?

We all have a psychic ability, whether or not we decide that we want to acknowledge it as a psychic awareness is a different matter. My father is the biggest skeptic you'll every meet and he say's that he doesn't feel anything or sense anything. But he'll soon tell you when something doesn't feel right or when he meets someone he just can't quite work with. That's his own higher self coming into play and his own natural psychic awareness, his sixth sense. So I believe we all have a psychic awareness.

Can exploring my psychic abilities be dangerous?

A lot of people will question whether or not it's dangerous to actually explore and develop their own psychic and spiritual awareness. And only you can be the judge of that, if you feel that it's going to be detrimental to you, then don't open yourself up. If you're scared of it, don't open yourself up. If you're ready to open yourself up again, only you can decide. But often the spirits will say to you, come on, come on, and I'll push you, then you have to listen to that, and then you can start your own journey, and it is a journey, it's not going to happen overnight.

Can I learn to control someone else's mind with my psychic ability?

We cannot control anybody else's mind with our psychic ability. So if there is someone who is desperately, desperately in love with someone else and they so desperately want them to fall back in love with them. It is not going to happen. You cannot with your psychic awareness. It would not happen. Two people just have to meet.

How can meditation help develop my psychic abilities?

Meditation is the key to developing your spiritual awareness. You have to learn how to control your own mind. How to still it, how to get rid of any negative influences in your life, how to move away from your everyday life and just be at one with yourself. And that really is the key to any form of spiritual development. And from there, you can really learn a lot about yourself in Meditation.

How can listening make me more aware of my psychic abilities?

If you can become more aware of your surroundings, by feeling, and by listening, by seeing, and so what you're actually doing is heightening your own physical senses. Your smell, your taste, and as a psychic or developing your own spiritual gift, you will get messages in. You will actually use your touch, your feeling, your sights, your hearing, that you'll hear a message, you'll feel someone poke you, you'll taste a taste that a loved one use to love, you'll smell their perfume. What you're doing is you're heightening your physical awareness which will then heighten your spiritual awareness.

How can paying attention to random thoughts and feelings strengthen my psychic awareness?

Well paying attention to your random thoughts, feelings and what you hear is really, really, really important because it's those odd messages and those odd feelings that you get while you are driving or while you are in a conversation with a friend that you really have to take note of because you are relaxed and that's when the psychic awareness and the spiritual awareness kicks in and that's when the spirit then says, as I often refer to them, come in and give you messages and those messages are so strong and the more you listen to them, the more you will heighten your own awareness.