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Is it OK to compliment younger women?

Dos And Don'ts Of Dating Younger Women

R Don Steele (Author, "How To Date Young Women") gives expert video advice on: Is it OK to compliment younger women?; Should I go after the more average looking younger women?; Should I ever tell younger women my age? and more...

Is it OK to compliment younger women?

You should compliment a young women once. You should compliment her on something that she picked out or that other people do not notice. For example, a unique bracelet. It has to be a genuine compliment. It has to come genuinely from inside and you do admire it and you do like it. But it can not be phony. They spot B.S. at 500 yards. For example, something that everybody compliments on are her beautiful eyes, her beautiful hair, her nice figure. But if you say "Oh those are unusual shoes, I like those". That definitely means I see you. I know who you are. I am different than Jimmy.

Should I go after the more average looking younger women?

Which young women? Well, the best young women are between 6.5 and 8.0. Why? Well, beautiful young women have been told their beautiful, they think that they can get by on their looks. They have no personality, in general. They're empty. They think their hair, my body is all I need. A young women that's 7.5 is happy, she has a life. She's not getting by on what she looks like, or how she's built. Those are the most exciting people on the planet. There's somebody home there, those are the ones I like.

Should I ever tell younger women my age?

If a young woman asks you how old you are, tell the truth. I used to try to make a joke out of it, and it worked for me. For example, Doris, a cashier, said, " So, how old are you?" And I said, this is in 1982, I said, "I'm about as old as Mick Jagger." And I had seen her car - it had Rolling Stones stickers all over it. That worked. Nowadays, the women in my workshop say, "Don't do that. Just tell me the number. Get to the point." So, it's up to you. Don't lie.

Is it OK to ask younger women their age?

When you talk with a young woman, it's very unwise to ask her how old she is. It brings the issue of the age difference out in the open. She'd rather pretend it doesn't exist, so let's play pretend for awhile.

How can humor be deadly when dating younger women?

I recommend strongly that you don't try to use humor. If you tell her a joke or make a wise crack and she doesn't get it she thinks you're stupid or she is. Either of which kills everything quickly. Stay away from the jokes. Don't be a comedian. You look like a kid if you're trying to be a comedian.

How does a relationship with younger women change after sex?

Relationships have phase one and phase two. Phase one is everything that comes before you go to bed. Phase two is everything after. After you have had grand wonderful sex with her, all of your emotions are heightened. All of her emotion is heightened. Societies rules start yammering in her head. Start yammering in your head. Your friends give you trouble. Her friends give her trouble. It just gets real crazy real fast. The best thing to do is talk about it with her. Tell her how intense you feel. Ask her if she feels anything negative. Do not say, are you feeling negative? Simply say is there anything bothering you? Because I feel, sometimes I feel great and sometimes I am scared to death. I do not want to lose you. I know that sounds corny. But that is how I feel. And allow her to express herself if she wants to. This sounds a little bit like therapy. But it is just about being real, being a human being.

What should I talk about with younger women?

When talking with younger women, you need to talk about things she is interested in. Not investing in Krugerrands, but where you went on your vacation, what movie you have seen recently, what TV shows you like. Something you read in “People Magazine”. For God sake don't talk about supply side economics or things that bore her. And the best thing is to reveal something you like. For example, I am a Raiders fan. This year it is terrible. I say “It's horrible! I just wished Al Davis would die! Do you like pro football”? And let her come back to you. She says, “No, I am into soccer”, whatever it is. Whatever she gives you, take it and do something with it. Soccer, David Beckham, “God I would give anything to look like that”. Do something with what she gives you.

What topics should I avoid when talking to younger women?

Some of the things you should not do when talking with a young woman: do not drill her with a bunch of questions. Reveal and listen to what she says. Never mention sex. Even if she says the f-word every three seconds, it is a test. Skip it. She is finding out am I just a sex toy or not. After you get to know her, and the f-word is typical, you can go ahead and say it. In the beginning, sex is verboten. Another crucial thing is, do not try and be a comedian. If she does not get your jokes she thinks you are stupid or she thinks she is stupid. You can be pleasant. You can have a good sense of humor. If you want to make fun of anybody, you can make fun of yourself.

What are the rules of gift buying when dating younger women?

Gift giving is part of courtship. We see on television all the time, the man bringing the woman flowers. Don't ever bring her flowers until you've said from the heart I love you, and she said the same thing. That's when flowers are appropriate. Chocolate. No big boxes of Sees Candy. But anytime from the first moment you first talk to her until the second or third date. You can just give her a little piece of dark chocolate wrapped in foil. It's very sexual. It's very sensual. It says, "I think you might be fun!" she says, "Yes, I might be fun!" just by taking it.