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What is 'Norrath' in the world of Everquest?

EverQuest And The World Of Norrath

Online EverQuest Team (Designers) gives expert video advice on: What is 'Norrath' in the world of Everquest?; How do I choose a starting city in Everquest?; What is the city of Crescent Reach like in the world of Everquest? and more...

What is 'Norrath' in the world of Everquest?

Norrath is the name of the world that was created for players to play in Everquest. There are five big continents on the world itself, and each one has a lot of different zones and areas to play in. There's Odus, there's Antonica, there's Faydwer, there's Kunark and there's Velious. Two of those are actually expansions to the game. Kunark and Velious were added later, but the first three were there with the original game.

What is the city of Crescent Reach like in the world of Everquest?

The city of Crescent Reach was originally an Ogre town, and it was taken over by the Drakkins during the Serpents Mine expansions, so they live there now. It's also a place where, at this point, any race can be in the game. If you want to roll up a troll to begin the game, you can start the game in Crescent Reach. And it's got a much more in depth and interactive newbie experience for new players.

What is the city of Greater Faydark in the world of Everquest?

The city of Greater Faydark is a meeting ground between anyone who starts in Calaphin or in Felbeth, which means that you get a number of races and a large number of people that are in this zone. It becomes a meeting ground for anyone who's made a wood elf, a lot of people who've created half-elves, and anyone who's made a high elf. It's an aid town and a hunting town at the same time, so it's unique in that respect.

How does the Everquest tutorial relate to your starting city?

The tutorial is basically an adventure that happens on the way to your starting city. When you first create your character you have the opportunity to start the tutorial instead of going to your initial city, and you're basically captured by Kobolds and thrown into a jail. And it's a way for new players especially, to learn how to play the game. It teaches you how to use the interface, it teaches you how to first kill mobs. how to loot things, how to cast spells, how to speak to other people. It's a great way to get through levels one through ten. It's a good meeting ground also for people who are just beginning the game, and it's a great way to learn how to play Everquest.