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What color combinations look best together?

Fashion Fundamentals

Kool Keita (Wardrobe Stylist) gives expert video advice on: What color combinations look best together?; What clothing cuts look great together?; What are the biggest fashion faux pas? and more...

What color combinations look best together?

I think the hottest color combinations in an outfit are when you incorporate a really off color, like an electric blue, purple or green - or even a nice yellow, something with a splash of color -mixed in with your basics. This is always a hot, hot thing to do.

What colors look great on everyone?

I would say denim is one color that looks great on everyone. Denim, khaki and also black look great on everyone.

Should I match my clothing color to the season?

You do not have to match your clothing color to the season. It's not necessary. There are so many different trends and so many different styles today that you do not have to be set in this little box of certain colors. You can do whatever you want to do, as long as it looks right.

What clothing lengths go well together?

If you're tall, you want to stick with things that are long or wide-legged to create an elongated torso. If you're a shorter person, you want to stay away from mid-length. Mid-length will make you seem even shorter, so you want to do things that are short to create an elongated torso also.

What clothing cuts look great together?

If something is a slim cut, it's really cool to do something wide or baggy at the bottom. That way it creates a really slim and very shapely torso or body type. If a cut is a little bit baggier, you can do a lot of really cool things with it. You can have it do a slouchy look, and a slouchy look is very comfortable, very casual. It's okay to be comfy and casual and still have a sexy vibe with it. Different cuts - slim or baggy - can be mixed and matched together.

What clothing shapes look great together?

Matching different clothing shapes is a little bit tricky, because right now, in fashion, different designers are playing with different shapes. If you're going to wear something a little balloon shaped, always do skinny at the bottom. If you're going to do something a little A-line, you can play with that a little more, but make sure the bottom, once again, is still narrow. Try to make sure you incorporate the bigger shape at the top and the smaller shape at the bottom.

What type fabric should I look for?

It's very important to know about fabric because different body types require certain fabrics. If you are a more full-figured woman, you should pay attention to fabrics that have more Lycra in them because it holds things in places that need to be held in. Someone who's thinner can usually pretty much wear whatever they want to wear, whatever kind of fabrics they choose, but always, always go for something that is comfortable on your body, like cotton.

I would say the tips that you should follow to not become a fashion victim would be, firstly, do not get too involved in fashion trends. If you do, make sure that it fits you really well, so you can use it the next time that trend comes along. You can always mix and match things up with accessories and make things look different, but don't get caught up in what's fashionable right now because six months down the line, it's not going to be so hot. If you feel that you can change it and alter it and keep it consistent throughout time, then, you know what? That's the right fit for you.

What is 'ready to wear'?

Ready to wear is what a designer shows at a fashion show for his or her clothing line that is going to be bought by retailers and put in their store. They're going to make samples of that to be ready for consumers to buy in the store that next season.

What is 'haute couture'?

Haute couture is basically one-of-a-kind pieces that a designer wants to show a select clientele what they can do, that's just very intricate, very detailed. It's embroidered. It's sequins. It's rhinestone. Usually haute couture has taken hours and hours and hours to make. It's a one-of-a-kind piece, and that's what usually makes haute couture. There are no duplications.