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What are the timeless fashion do's?

Fashion Fundamentals

Jess Zaino (Fashion Correspondent, Personal Stylist) gives expert video advice on: What are the timeless fashion do's?; What are the fashion do's for every woman?; What are the biggest fashion don'ts? and more...

What are the timeless fashion do's?

Timeless fashion do's include great fits. I think individual style and a signature accessory like your grandma's pearls, or possibly your lapdog.

What are the fashion do's for every woman?

I believe that there are several timeless fashion do's which include a great suit, great pants, a v-neck cashmere sweater, great tee shirts that are fitted wonderfully to your body in the basic colors like navy, white, gray and black, a great pair of shoes and a signature accessory.

What are the biggest fashion don'ts?

Fashion don'ts are easy to follow. Don't go out of the house looking sloppy. Don't wear sweatpants. Don't wear things that are ill-fitting. Don't wear things that show off too much information that look like a thong in a low-rise jean. Stick to what's classic and simple and you'll be chic forever.

Trends come and go. They'll be in one week and out the next, so you need to stick with your fashion dues. A quick and simple style will always carry you over into good fashion whereas really staying on top of trends, and loading yourself up with trends, is sort of a fashion don't. So don't do that.

What is a 'muffin top'?

A muffin top? A muffin top is not a Seinfeld episode. A muffin top, is when a woman wears low rise jeans or tightly fitted jeans, that are so tight, that shall I say the fat rolls up and over the top to create the illusion of a muffin top. Hence the name.

What is a 'wedgie'?

A 'wedgie' is when the material rides up the gluteus maximus. Translation: when your underwear goes up your butt.

What is 'butt cleavage'?

Butt cleavage' is not the kind of cleavage that you want to have, because what it is, is when your low-rise jeans, or your jeans don't fit very well, they ride below the top of your butt crack. It's totally offensive. 'Butt cleavage' is Britney Spears. Britney Spears was always seen with a thong coming out of her pants with 'butt cleavage' showing. Nobody wants to see it, honey. Put it away.

What is a 'wardrobe malfunction'?

A wardrobe malfunction is a term coined by Miss Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago when she inadvertently flashed her boob at the Super Bowl. It basically has become a part of our pop culture vernacular. What it means is when your wardrobe or your fashion goes awry, and shows the world your naughty bits.

What is 'mono-boob'?

I have to admit I suffer from 'mono-boob' sometimes. What happens in mono-boob is that the bra will push the boobs into the middle of your shirt, creating one big boob. Mono-boob, there you have it. Mono-boob is totally not acceptable. You may might be able to pull it off while you're wearing a sports bra at the gym, but other than that, try to keep your sisters in check.

What is 'back boob'?

Back boob' is when a women wears a bra that is a bit too tight and the extra fat from the back kind of spills over creating that roll and creates the back boob.