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What is 'fear'?

Fighting Fear And Phobias

Larina Kase (President, Performance And Success Coaching) gives expert video advice on: How can I stop living my life 'in fear'?; How do I overcome my fear of public speaking? and more...

What is 'fear'?

Fear is basically a biological response to a frightening situation. It's an adrenalin rush that you get when you're confronted with something that is scary.

Why are some people more fearful than others?

Anxiety is something that does run in families, it is a biological thing some people are predisposed to experiencing anxiety more than other people.

Are adrenaline junkies addicted to fear?

Well fear can produce adrenaline, so if people like adrenaline rushes all of the time then they like that fear response, so absolutely it certainly can be a fear addiction.

Is it healthy to 'feel the fear' and do it anyway?

It is healthy to feel the fear and do it anyway but sometimes it's not enough because you can't just confront the thing you're afraid of you. You have to do it in the right way and you can't use what we call safety behaviours these are those crutches that actually kind of hold you back that make you feel safe but back fire. You've got to really confront your fear in the right way and you've got to do it over and over again.

Can a fear turn into a phobia?

Sure, a natural fear can turn into a phobia if you are in a situation where you experience a rush of anxiety, you find it uncomfortable, and you don't want to have that anxiety happen again. Then the next time you would actually want to avoid that thing.

What is 'fear of commitment'?

Fear of commitment basically means that you don't want to limit your life, your choices in life by being with just one thing forever. So this can come up in relationships, it can come up with purchases, it can come up in all kinds of situations. And the idea is that you don't want to have something be final and definite. You want to keep all your options open.

Are there self-help programs for overcoming fear?

Absolutely, there are great self-help programs and books. It really depends on the intensity of your fear. If your fear is at a clinical level, this means that it is limiting your life, that it's really impacting you, then it's better to get treatment. If your fears are ultimately mild, then by all means try the self-help approach. It can help.

What's the best treatment for fear?

The treatment for fear and anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy. This means that you are changing your thoughts and your behaviors, and learning that your fear is unlikely to come true and that even if it did come true, you can handle it.