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What is 'cloudy eye' and how do I treat it?

This film is part of the series "Fishkeeping: How To Treat Cloudy Eye"

Fishkeeping: How To Treat Cloudy Eye

Marc Grover (Professional Aquarist) gives expert video advice on: What is 'cloudy eye' and how do I treat it?

What is 'cloudy eye' and how do I treat it?

Cloudy eye is the symptom that usually goes along with an opaqueing or really a clouding of the eye of a fish. It's really tough to figure out what exactly it is. For instance, whether it's a cancerous growth, a cataract type of situation, or whether a fish got injured fighting another fish. Fish always go for another fishes eyes when they fight so it might have got damaged. Whether the fish freaked out and panicked and ran into something and scratched it's eye, whether it's a bacterial infection, whether it's the beginning of pop-eye which is an infection way back behind the eye. So it's really one of the toughest one's to figure out. It's not super common, but it's common enough for you to need to know about it and there are a lot of different methods for trying to fix it; most are antibiotic based. Again make sure that your water chemistry is proper to begin with. Sometimes it's not curable at all, depending on what it is. Most of the time you're just going to find people to just give you some antibiotics. See what happens, let them run a course of two of those and hopefully it solves the problem.