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How can I choose an excellent floral designer for my wedding?

Floral Designs For Weddings

Holly Vesecky (Owner & Designer, Holly Flora) gives expert video advice on: What kind of bouquet should my bridesmaids carry?; How can I get great wedding flowers if I don't know what I want?; What questions should I ask my floral designer? and more...

How much can I expect to spend on flowers for a wedding?

The budgets for weddings are just vast. My least expensive wedding that I've done has been about five hundred bucks, which is not very many flowers. The most expensive wedding I've done in my career has probably been one hundred thousand dollars just on the flowers, which is just crazy - lots of flowers! It depends on what you're trying to say at your wedding. The typical budget for weddings these days seems to be on the low end; people want simpler, they don't want to deal with spending out of the pocket. I would say something like two to three thousand is something that's not that involved.

What are the main floral pieces to order for my wedding?

It's great to have a list of what you need before you talk to your florist. They'll also tell you the things they might consider. You usually have centerpieces for the table, personal flowers, including a bouquet, boutonnière, corsages, a flower girl perhaps, a ring bearer pillow, aisle treatments, a wedding structure if you need one, buffets, bars, cocktails, and powder room - usually the standard. Many weddings I've been doing recently just have the center pieces and the personal flowers and don't have very much else, like an aisle treatment done.

What kind of bouquet should my bridesmaids carry?

Bridesmaids get bouquets. They are usually a smaller bouquet than the bride's bouquet. I like to do a collection of different kinds of flowers. I use one element and make just a bouquet of all tulips for that bridesmaid and different for the rest.

How far in advance should I order flowers for my wedding?

Depending on how many flowers you need, you should be considering looking at your florist a year in advance, if you want something super involved that they have to create or build. If you're looking for something simple for your wedding, I would recommend reserving your florist two or three months if advance. If it's high season like June and September, November or December, it's a really busy time for florists, so you'll want to call your florist and <a href="http://www.videojug.com/interview/how-to-order-flowers-2">order flowers</a> six months in advance of those times, just to make sure you get the person and the flowers you want.

What questions should I ask my floral designer?

It's important to have your florist itemize and give you a proposal before you agree to use them, so that you can see what all their costs are. Then you can sign off on that contract so they are bound to it. There are all sorts of peripheral things that you need to think about. If you don't have a wedding planner, you want to co-ordinate the rental person with that person, to know they have enough time to do all the things they need to do, so you just have to think about it with a lot. You have to think about the temperament of that florist: if you are choosing someone that you think is a super creative person but not necessary on time, give them an extra two hours so there are no mistakes with your wedding flowers.

What are some alternatives to traditional wedding florals?

Everyone wants to make their wedding special, so here are some alternatives to traditional floral designs. I really like doing centerpieces that don't have any container, like an orchid plant with rocks and mushrooms, and something that's organic. Alternatively, something sculptural - there are florists in New York and LA that build tall towers of orchids. It can get superlative, beautiful, multiple containers of orchids spraying out. It depends on your taste, but there are so many alternatives. You just really have to think beyond the box, beyond what you think is bohemian, beyond what you think is Canyon Rock. Just push the boundaries of floral designs, because you can go places.

What are some of the most common mistakes brides make in ordering wedding florals?

I think common mistakes brides make in ordering wedding flowers are going with a look like when they'll get a box of all white peonies. That's like something that you've seen celebrities order and stuff, but it's not personal. I think it's really important to try to force that florist to think of your needs and your tastes.

What should I do if the flowers for my wedding are not to my liking?

If you are disappointed with your florist, with your wedding, it's pretty hard, because that florist's already put all that work in. A shoddy job is a shoddy job, and you need to try to get some restitution for that.