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Who are the Freemasons?


Franklin Ruehl (Author - Anomalist) gives expert video advice on: Who are the Freemasons?; What are the origins of Freemasonry?; What goes on during Freemason meetings? and more...

Who are the Freemasons?

Freemasons are a group of intriguing individuals who dated back many centuries who engage in mystical practices. While some say it's just another fraternal organization the suspicion is that it's more than that, considering their members are highly intelligent, highly successful individuals.

What are the origins of Freemasonry?

The freemasons might be traced back to “the knight's templar” or perhaps even before that there was a “poem” - the regnis manuscript in 1390 which seems to be indicating the origins of the freemasons. Their first actual lodge was set up in London in June 24, 1717 and now they have lodges around the world.

What goes on during Freemason meetings?

The Freemason meetings are supposedly secret, although we've heard that there are a number of various, lets call them, mystical symbols that are used and various activities. They seem to vary from one lodge to another but each one has its own set of unusual practices. That's why we called them mystical.

Why are Masons so frequently implicated in conspiracies?

Any group that is going to be secretive and consists of very intelligent, highly successful people such as the masons who are involved in buildings and other projects are going to be suspected of some sort of conspiracy. If they were open, if they invited everyone to their meetings, and didn't have these secret practices, they wouldn't be accused. But simply because of the nature of the organization suspicion is leveled at them even if it is unfounded.

What connection does Freemasonry have with the founding of the US?

Well many of the founding fathers were masons, George Washington, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin. And if you look at the dollar bill you'll see the pyramid with the All Seeing Eye above it, also a Freemason number 13 is seen throughout. There's the eagle that is carrying in one side 13 arrows, in the other side a plant that has 13 leaves, also the 13 is found in many other parts of the dollar bill. So the Freemasons were highly intelligent people, if you look at our country, I mean it has lasted over 200 years, they came up with the great documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, trying to cover all bases. So apparently they were the right people to found our country.

What are some of the conspiracy theories involving Freemason symbols?

Well, the ideas are that the symbols, for example the NBC logo and the Apple logo, might actually derive from the symbolism of the Freemasons. Of course they are known for their architectural symbolism. So, many important people are masons, some we know about may keep that secret and perhaps utilize that symbolism in various aspects of their companies.

There is indeed an idea that Freemasons are involved in the occult. I mentioned that the Freemasons may date back to 1390, there's another idea that they could actually date back to ancient Egypt and the magic schools where the most intelligent individuals were involved, for instance, with the design and construction of the pyramids. One intriguing idea is that they developed what's called a levitation wand, which enabled the enormous blocks of the pyramids, such as the Great Pyramid of Cheops, to be put in place. Realize that there are 2.5 million blocks weighing anywhere from one to ten tons, created, supposedly, over twenty years. It seems to go beyond the old grunt and groan method. Perhaps these individuals from the magic schools were able to use their advanced occult knowledge to help build it. I should also point out that one of the early members of this group was Djedi, apparently the world's first magician, who, in the court of the Pharaoh, cut off the head of a goose and then restored it, the predecessor to the modern magician's trip of sawing the woman in half and restoring her.

The ritualistic killing of Jack the Ripper, and we always hear there were five, there might have been a few more before they were identified with one individual. But the way the bodies were just mutilated, it makes one wonder if there was some type of ritual going on, and not just a madman at work.At one of the killings there was on a wall “The Juwes are men that will not be blamed for nothing.” Originally it was thought that this was some reference to Jews, but Jews was spelled J-U-W-E-S. Another theorist said it was actually some link to the Freemasons. The police chief at that time had that erased from the wall, ostensibly to prevent any backlash, anti-Semitic backlash. But it might have been actually because he was a Freemason, he was trying to hide this link to the Freemasons.