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How are the results delivered?

Genetic Genealogy Results

Alastair Greenshields (Principal) gives expert video advice on: How are the results delivered?; What do I do now?; Will the result be exactly the same for each member of my family? and more...

How are the results delivered?

The results can be delivered usually online. So we'll notify the customer that we've uploaded the results to the server, so they can log into the website using a password and some more code in order for them to access the results online. Of course they're permanently there, so they can look at them whenever they want, download a report, a certificate, and it makes it easy to share with others as well, because they're in an electronic format. So they can then email them to someone else or guide someone else to the website.

What do I do now?

Ok, so you just had your genetic genealogy results and you want to ask what you do now. There are a couple of things, you can compare with others who share the same name to see if you are related. You can either contact them directly, phone them up or e-mail and say, "Can I compare results, or can I have you tested and we can compare results". Or you can go to a database, for example at www.ybase.org and you can upload your results. Anybody tested at any company can upload the data, so people from around the world have provided their results and you can add yours as well and other people can search by Surname or search by genetic results to see if there is a link and make contact with you.

Will the result be exactly the same for each member of my family?

It depends on how far back the family line goes. If you're looking at a very, very distant cousin, the results might be slightly different. What you would expect is for your common ancestor to have a particular pattern, a type, and to pass it on to all of his descendents. So if for example you were tested, you would either be very similar to him or be exact, and you'd expect all the cousins or the male descendents to be the same, or similar. So the results might not be identical, but they would certainly be recognizably similar.

Will the test determine my geographic origin?

We can look into your deep paternal ancestry using your Y-chromosome using a SNP or SNiP test. It's going to tell you which branch or which haply group of the Y chromosome genetic tree you're on. Now, the tree has its roots in Africa that has since spread around the world as people migrated. It's growing up. There are different migrations. So when you take the test, which groups, which haply group you're in and where it's found, which geographical regions it's located and again, where it's coming from further back in time.

What will a paternal deep ancestral ethnic origin reveal?

Mitochondria are indeed found in men and women, so we receive that from our mothers. But only females pass it on. So anybody that can take mitochondrial DNA test, but it looks specifically at the direct pattern of maternal line. So from you, to your mother, to her mother, and her mother, and so on.

Can you start with female members of my family?

Mitochondria are indeed found in men and women. So, we receive that from our mothers, but only females can pass it on. So anybody can take a mitochondrial DNA test, but it looks specifically at the pattern of the maternal line. So from you to your mother to her mother and to her mother and so forth.