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How do I give DNA?

Giving DNA

Alastair Greenshields (Principal) gives expert video advice on: How do I give DNA?; Is giving DNA painful?; How much does it cost? and more...

How do I give DNA?

We use what are called buccal swabs, and we take them from the buccal cavity which is just a fancy name for the mouth. We collect a few cells - I'll show you one of the swabs - and that is all it is. It is a cotton tipped swab which we ask our customers to rub up in the inside of their mouth, essentially to collect a few cells. And as you see, it is not painful at all so it is very, very simple to give a DNA sample.

Is giving DNA painful?

Giving a DNA sample isn't painful at all. It's as easy as brushing your teeth.

How much does it cost?

The cost of genetic genealogy varies from about 75 pounds up to 100 or 110. In dollars, that would be $140 up to about $200.

Where can I get a test done?

Well, there are several commercial companies where you can get a test done. If you go online, you will often find them . And they all have websites where you can look at which test you want to buy, place an order online or by telephone. As long as you choose an established reputable company who have a credit to testing, you'll be fine.

Who carries out the test?

We have several laboratories across the North America. They are quite specialized tests so there are trained genealogists to work in laboratories, the credited laboratories, and they extract, purify and test the DNA.