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What is a "shot glass"?

Glassware At The Bar

David Willner (General Manager, PS 450, Vig 27 & The Volstead, NYC) gives expert video advice on: What is the difference between a white wine glass and a red wine glass? and more...

What is a "shot glass"?

Shot glass is a small glass, usually about two or three ounces, and it's primarily used for doing shots. You can put a small amount of liquor in and drink it straight, from the glass. You can also use a shot glass if you don't want to use a jigger as you know exactly how much liquor you're putting into your cocktails by pouring them into a standardized shot glass.

What is a "rocks glass"?

A "rocks glass" is also known as an "old-fashioned" glass. "Rocks glasses" can range in size; anywhere from five to ten or eleven ounces in size. They are primarily used for drinks which are served with ice; "rocks glasses" give you a small amount of space for your liquor to be poured over your ice. Scotch on the rocks would be perfect for a "rocks glass", because you're controlling how much alcohol you're putting in, and it looks great.

What is a "Collins" or "highball glass"?

A highball glass is probably the most popular type of glassware and most cocktails are served in a highball glass. A highball glass is usually a little bit taller and a little bit narrower than something like a rocks glass. These kinds of glasses give you a lot of space for the liquor, and a lot of space for the mixer. You also can control the amount of liquor based on how much mixer you're putting in. Generally, a Collins glass is a little bit narrower than a highball glass, which also has a wider mouth. A highball glass is used for anything from a screwdriver to a mojito, and anything else in between.

What is a "pilsner glass"?

A pilsner glass is used for beer. You will see a wide variety of different ounces on pilsner glasses, anywhere from 12, 16, 18, sometimes even 20 oz. glasses. You use a pilsner glass for any tap beer that you have and the best way to keep a pilsner glass is in the refrigerator so when you are ready to pour that beer, it's nice and cold. A nice, frosty pilsner glass.

What is a "cordial glass"?

A cordial glass is used for cordials. It's a little bit smaller than a highball glass and can also be served for any drinks that you're serving neat.

What is a "martini glass"?

A martini glass is probably the most famous glassware that you'll ever see. You can find martini glasses anywhere from three to six or seven ounces in size. They're perfect for martinis; they have a stem, they make you look very sophisticated and they are controlling the amount of alcohol that you serve. Martinis are primarily, just alcohol and that could be dangerous. A martini glass is good, in this instance, as you can be sure of how much alcohol you are serving per drink.

What is a "brandy snifter"?

A brandy, or cognac, snifter is used for brandy and cognac. It has a very short stem and a very wide mouth. Because you don't want to hold it on it's stem, you don't want to hold it on the actual cup. This will warm the brandy that you're drinking and make for a much more pleasant drinking experience.

What is the difference between a white wine glass and a red wine glass?

You can use the same wine glass for all types of wines. However, if you can have whatever glass you want, you want to have a wider glass for red, and a little bit more narrow glass for white, usually with a stem. The reason for that is, red wine is a little bit bigger, it usually needs to open up. So by having a wider mouth, that's allowing more contact between air and wine. The white wine doesn't need that much time with the air, so a white wine glass can be a little bit more narrow.