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What is a green office?

Green Your Office Defined

Chris Moon (Head of Sustainability, GREEN YOUR OFFICE) gives expert video advice on: How can you make the office a greener environment?; What are the benefits of greening your office? and more...

What is a green office?

A green office is an environmentally friendly place to work. That means that the company's introduced an environmental policy, but more importantly they're making significant changes in the workplace to become more environmentally friendly. For example, a company can undertake an energy audit and a waste audit to see what it's impacts are. Then it can take steps to reduce its energy consumption, to reduce its waste and introduce systems that will save on operational costs and directly benefit the bottom line. Also, there will be intangible benefits to the organization, it's image, it's reputation in the marketplace, and that can mean more business for the company as it's able to benefit from dealing with companies in the environemental marketplace. There will be tenders and contracts that are going to companies that have adopted environmentally friendly practices, so in the long term this could add a great deal of value to the company and staff as well, who will feel the benefit of working in such an envrionment.

Why is important to make your office a greener place?

It is important to make your office a greener place because climate change is one of the most significant issues facing us all. Energy conservation and waste reduction are very important for reducing CO2. Companies that introduce environmental policies and practices benefit, not only the financial bottom line, but also intangibly in terms of their reputation and their image in the marketplace. So greener workplaces can mean that staff are happier, they feel as though they are contributing more to society, they are more motivated, and they can come up with more creative ways of doing business, and improve products and services. And the environment is a new marketplace which needs to be tapped into.

How long does it take to green your office?

The good news is that it takes a very short time to green your office. You can start straight away, and within three to six months you can make significant changes. And, after six to twelve months you can really make a big impact on your organization, perhaps unexpected ones.

What are the benefits of greening your office?

The benefits of greening your office are firstly, reduced operating costs and secondly, benefits to the environment in general. Initially, there will be tangible, physical benefits to the bottom line of the business. There are costs that can be saved and secondly, there will be intangible benefits to the reputation of the organization, its image and in doing business in general.