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How can men benefit from waxing or gelling?

Hair Removal Tips For Men

Sue Ismiel (Executive Chair of the LifeSource Group) gives expert video advice on: Should a man wax his beard or mustache?; What parts of the body are commonly waxed by men? and more...

How can men benefit from waxing or gelling?

Hair removal is not just for women, you know. In today's world, men also want to look good. They want to look smooth and they want to be hair-free for a number of reasons. If hair is poking out of your ears and your nose, it really makes you feel terrible about yourself, and so your self esteem is low. It is important to remove that hair, and the benefit of doing it is it gives you confidence about who you are. You can feel better about yourself and you get on with your daily life.

Do men need unique waxing or sugaring products?

Men's hair is a lot tougher than women's and so formulation for men is different to the one for women. For instance, chemical creams would have more of the active ingredients in men's formula than in women's formula, to make sure that the excessive hair growth is removed completely. With waxing, I would imagine because the wax is strong enough to remove any type of hair, it would be the same for both men and women.

Should a man wax his beard or mustache?

I'd advise a man to stay away from waxing your beard or moustache because you're going to find it very difficult, very frustrating and very painful. Professional beauticians can do it for you, if you can tolerate the pain, but because your facial hair is very rough and tough, it's going to be very uncomfortable and time consuming. If I were you, I'd stick to the razor for that area.

What parts of the body are commonly waxed by men?

Men commonly wax their backs and their chests. Today's men are shaping their eyebrows and waxing their legs. Men are using hair removal products for most parts of their body.