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How often should I get my hair cut?

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Trevor Sorbie (Director) gives expert video advice on: How often should I get my hair cut?; I'm dying my hair - how do I know which colour will suit me?; Can I slow down the greying process? and more...

How often should I get my hair cut?

The average regularity with which a person should get a haircut is every six weeks. When I say six weeks, that's for somebody who has a hairstyle. The reason you need it cut every six weeks when you have a hairstyle is your hair actually grows out of the hairstyle. It just gets too long so it doesn't stand up any more or doesn't do what it did a couple of weeks ago. But with long hair, you can let it grow longer because it's not a hair style, it's just long hair. All it's doing is getting longer. So you can probably go as long as two and a half, three months before you have the ends trimmed with straight, one length, long hair. But with hair styles, usually, the average client comes here every six weeks.

I'm dying my hair - how do I know which colour will suit me?

If you're dying your hair and you want to know what color suits you. Unless you've had it colored before, and that would give you some indication as to what you like and don't like. But, if you've never colored your hair before, my advice would be simply to do this. Go into a departmental store where they have a wig department and just ask if you can try some wigs on. Not for the hair style, but for the choice of color. Or hold the wig up to your face and see if it works with your skin tones. That's really about the only way you can safeguard yourself from choosing the wrong color.

Is using straighteners every day bad for my hair?

Using straighteners everyday will, in turn, damage your hair. And I can say that about curling irons, and even hair dryers. Anything in excess is going have an effect and be a negative effect. Straightening irons have been, in the last 10 years, the most used electrical appliance; they sell more than hairdryers these days. Interestingly enough, most women that I know have not only got one set, but two and even three sets of straighteners, always trying to upgrade. But there is an intense amount of heat that comes out of a straightener, it has to straighten curly hair, or straighten straight hair, and therefore in excess, used on a daily basis, you will notice a deterioration in the quality of your hair.

Can I slow down the greying process?

The answer is no, but what you can do is disguise the greying of your hair. If you add highlights into greying hair, it will give the effect that your hair is more highlighted than going grey, and that's what most clients go for. You don't have to have it retouched every month where the parting is growing and you see the grey hairs. And highlights, they sort of intermingle with hair and give the illusion that you're more blonde than grey. So you can't actually stop the greying process, but you can disguise it.

Should I pull grey hairs out?

There is no advantage to pulling grey hairs out. It does absolutely nothing other than you pull one grey hair out of your head, and when you think, you have many hundreds of thousands of hairs on your head. If you start pulling every single grey hair out, you're going to have no hair. It has no effect whatsoever.

Can you repair split ends?

Once a hair is broken, it cannot be repaired. You can put certain products, like conditioners, that put a film over the hair and get that smoother effect, but you have not actually repaired the split end. It's just made it feel better.

Can I dye my blond hair black?

In a word, yes. You can dye your blond hair black. But it's not as simple as just putting a black dye on blond hair. You have to re-pigmentate the hair. In other words, you've got to add red into the blond hair. Otherwise, you're going to have to have an adverse effect. Then you put the dark color on top of that. So you have to have a base for the black dye to sit on, otherwise your hair could turn that green color we always hear about. So yes, you can dye blond hair dark, but there is a process and I would strongly advise nobody to attempt that at home. There is a professional way of doing it, a process, and it has to be watched carefully, so it should only be done by professional hairdressers.

Can shock make your hair turn white overnight?

Shock can make your hair turn white overnight. In 42 years of hairdressing, I've heard of it happening three times. But it has to be a traumatic, obvious shock and I've heard in one particular case the individual literally went to bed one night and woke up with grey hair. I've also heard, almost even worse, that again, through a severe shock, an individual has gone to bed, woken up and seen the hairs on the pillow. All their hair just fell out overnight. But these are traumatic situations which are very rare. As I said, I have only heard of three in my lifetime. Those are the only cases I know of though. Obviously it could be that there are many more.

What do you think is the most beautiful hairstyle?

If anyone ever asks what the most beautiful hairstyle I can think of is, I say it's long hair. To see Asian hair that shines like glass and that's cut very blunt at the bottom is the most beautiful, and I think most men would agree with me. Maybe not brunette, maybe it would be a blonde, but the most beautiful hairstyle would be long hair.