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What is "high school"?

High School: General Information

Shelbi Wilson (Teacher, Lincoln High School, Riverside, CA) gives expert video advice on: What math skills are taught in high school?; What English skills are taught in high school? and more...

What is "high school"?

High school is the third step in the building blocks of the educational system that we have in the state of California, and for all of the United States. We take high school after elementary school and middle school. We have a K through 12 system. K is not mandatory, and we would consider this one of the foundational building blocks of our educational system.

How does high school differ from middle school?

In high school you have more opportunities for leadership; you have a more rigorous schedule. When - if a student does not do things like bring in their homework they maybe not get full credit for classes, they're able to explore more elective courses, things that they may consider for high school graduation or when they want to move on into college.So high school is a more rigorous time period. And you can get prepared in high school for - to move into vocational training, you can prepare to go right into the work world, and we also prepare them to move on into whatever type of college that they may want to choose, and decide to go into.

What subjects do high school students study?

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What math skills are taught in high school?

In high school, they tend to build on the math skills that a student has taken from middle school. What's really unique about high school is that if a student has started in the middle school grades taking general math, they may go right into high school in pre algebra or algebra. A high school programme consistently starts with Pre-Algebra or your general math skills and Algebra 1. A lot of kids go on to take Geometry, or Algebra 2. High schools do offer pre Calculus and Calculus. Also in high school we encourage students to not just stop with high school math. If that student is advanced, they can go on to the city college level and do a concurrent enrolment, or they can go on and take Calculus and other subjects.

What English skills are taught in high school?

In English students generally start off with just an introduction to literature. They'll move on to world literature, American literature and English literature.

What science topics are taught in high school?

Generally students start out with health, physical science and earth science, and then they can take biology, chemistry, or physics.

What history topics are taught in high school?

In history students usually study world history, then they usually take US history, economics and government.

What electives are frequently offered in high school?

When looking at elective classes they are just what they are called, electives. Students can elect to go out and explore other opportunities. These can be on campus as well as off campus. If a student has a job they can actually get work experience credits. If a student does community service, they can get elective credits for that. But also, in the high school setting, we use elective classes if a student is deficient or behind. So a lot of times schools will offer on campus electives for things like California High School Exit Exam prep classes. If a student just doesn't have a lot of basic skills we may offer them elective courses to assure them general passage of that exam but also to sure up skills that they may be missing. They can also choose to take elective classes that expand their foreign language development as well as their fine arts. If they are interested in arts, crafts, making tools, different things like that. Also, with their elective classes they can come after school or they can done on campus so again the whole idea behind elective classes that students can choose to bring in additional credits.

What are "ROP" classes?

ROP is also known as regional occupation program. It's vocational training programs that are sometimes offered by the county school districts within an area county. They can offer things from banking occupation. It really is a great opportunity for students to explore jobs that they may want to go into. It's a great hands-on program. So from banking to cabinetry making. If students are interested in veterinary medicine, they may want to go into the police force, a police academy. So they have course there. If they're interested in childcare occupaton. Also, we offer several programs that are connected with the city colleges. They may go into dental hygenistry. They may be interested in nursing occupations. There are several things that a student can get some hands-on skills when they go into the regional occupation program. Especially now, we're really excited about some of the computer-aided drafting programs, some of the film processing classes that kids are getting into. So there are a lot of great ROP classes, and we really recommend that if a student is looking to test drive a career without actually going into it, or maybe taking a long course. Also, with regional occupation courses, students are able sometimes to achieve a certificate that allows them to actually take that certificate and go out into the working world.