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What types of speakers are available and how should I choose between them?

Home Entertainment Speakers

Jeff Colen (President, A Sharper Home, Inc.) gives expert video advice on: What types of speakers are available and how should I choose between them? and more...

What is "speaker wire" and what kind do I need?

Speaker wire is two strands of generally copper wire although sometimes it could be other exotic material that carry the signal from your amplifier to your speaker. You'll see them rated by their size and the larger, the lower the number the larger the cable. So if you see speaker wire that says AWG 1 that tends to be fatter speaker wire than on that says AWG 14 for example. Speaker wire size is very important when it's based on amount of power your sending to you speakers and how far away they are from your amplifier. So the little tiny strands of wire that come with your stereo when you buy and you open up the box and they've got these little tiny wires that your suppose to hook up to your speakers generally are too thin, thinner that you'd want to use on your speakers and you want to go out and get a speaker cable. Speaker wires is copper wire and there are a lot of manufacturers out there that spend a lot of money trying to convince you otherwise. The biggest issue with speaker wire is the fact that, or the biggest problem that we have with speaker wire is where they connect to the stereo or where they connect to the speakers and as long as the connections are done correctly you can uses lamp cord as speaker wire and get as good a signal as using a very expensive speaker cable from a manufacturing company. Speaker wire has the highest markup of any stereo component out there. So what a manufacturer produces for ten cents a foot may be sold at a retailer for 1 dollars a foot, and it is as a result it has huge marketing behind it and you can see that in any brand retailer out there.