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How can I alleviate pressure-related pain in my ears?

How To Alleviate Pressure Related Pain In Your Ears

Jason Hamilton (Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon) gives expert video advice on: How can I alleviate pressure-related pain in my ears?

The most common remedy that a patient can use to remove pressure in the ear is to either: 1. avoid the environment that's causing the pressure. So if they fly, and if they're a pilot, anytime they fly they have pressure in their ear. If they can decrease that. If they're a scuba diver and they can decrease the amount of diving that they do. Those things will help to decrease the symptoms. For us land-lovers, I think that one of the most common remedies we can use are nasal steriod sprays which help to decrease inflammation in the Eustachian tube and provide relief of the pressure in the middle ear. Some of the quick remedies to help relieve pressure in the ear: simply chewing gum to help your ears pop; if you have a small child, as the plane's about to land you can have them suck on their pacifier or give them a bottle to nurse from. Those things usually help to kind of relieve the pressure and continuously allow air to come out of the middle ear and help with pain.