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How do I choose a cleanser?

This film is part of the series "How To Choose A Cleanser"

How To Choose A Cleanser

Josephine Wackett (Skincare specialist - Principal, Steiner Beauty Training) gives expert video advice on: How do I choose a cleanser?

How do I choose a cleanser?

The choice of a cleanser depends upon your skin type, and also to a certain extent whether you want a lighter cleanser because you don't wear very much makeup, or whether you want a slightly heavier one because you wear heavily tinted foundation and blusher and maybe some loose powder. The cleanser to remove a lot of makeup needs to be oilier. The cleanser should be used daily - night and morning. In the morning to remove any night cream, to remove the dead cells which have graudally been shed during the night and to freshen the face. You should use a cleanser which is quite light in the morning, but if you wear quite a lot of makeup in the day then it's a very good idea to use a slightly richer, heavier cleanser at night. You should try to find one which is not too heavily perfumed. You should try to find one which feels comfortable on the skin, and leaves the skin feeling quite fresh.