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How do I clean my new TV?

This film is part of the series "How To Clean Your New TV"

How To Clean Your New TV

Jeff Colen (President, A Sharper Home, Inc.) gives expert video advice on: How do I clean my new TV?

How do I clean my new TV?

When you're cleaning your new TV, never, ever, ever use a commercial cleaning product like Windex or any type of solvent on that screen. It will fog the screen; in other words, make it less transparent and you'll never be able to get that out again. When you're cleaning your screen, wipe it down with a lens polishing cloth, an eyeglass polishing cloth. You can use a paper towel with a minor, minor amount of dishwashing soap and water to get any kind of dirt off the screen. But never use anything abrasive, and never use a commercial cleaner on your TV.