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What should I do if my child is being bullied at school?

This film is part of the series "How To Deal With Your Child Being Bullied At School"

How To Deal With Your Child Being Bullied At School

Michael Dorn and Sonayia Shepherd (School Safety Analysts) gives expert video advice on: What should I do if my child is being bullied at school?

What should I do if my child is being bullied at school?

If your child tells you they're being bullied, you need to firstly understand that it's very difficult for a child to trust an adult about bullying. We know that from research and from working with children for many years in this area. Understand that you have to gain their trust, demonstrate your capability to help them and get them to give you more information. They very often leave out some of the most important information because it's embarrassing or they're afraid you'll make the situation worse. Start out by assuring them that you will work with them to resolve this problem and you will not stop until it's resolved, but they need to give you time to help them fix the problem. Let them know that you're not perfect. You can't just make this problem go away, and it may take several attempts for you to help them, but reassure them that you will not give up. Then once you have a good handle on what is happening with your child, seek their permission to go to the other people that will be needed to help resolve it; school resource officers, school officials, and be very clear in your communications. Don't be antagonistic, but be very clear that you do expect this problem to be addressed, and that you want increased supervision for your child and the other children that are bullying them, that you want to be kept informed, and if you need to be, do be persistent. Often bullying situations are complex and they sometimes take a while to resolve. I would not leave my child for any length of time in any situation where they're being severely bullied. Whatever it takes, I would make sure that situation was corrected or remove my child from that environment.