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What are the best ways to soothe an itch?

How To Ease Itching

Daniel Behroozan (Dermatologist) gives expert video advice on: What are the best ways to soothe an itch?; How can I stop myself from scratching an itch?; What can I do about itching caused by poison ivy? and more...

What are the best oral itch treatments?

The best oral itch treatments that are available over the counter include Benadryl, that can make you drowsy, and Claritin that often does not make one drowsy. Those are available to you over the counter. If those pills don't help you with your itching, you should seek advice from your doctor who has access to much more potent anti-itching pills orally. Typically, that will help you with your itching.

What are the best ingredients to look for in an over the counter anti-itch cream?

A lot of over the counter itch creams will have bland emollients such as petrolatum. There are some that are oatmeal-based also that are very effective over the counter.

When should I consult a doctor about an itch?

If your itching is not improving on its own or if you've tried something over the counter that doesn't seem to help, or if your itching or rash is expanding, you should definitely see your doctor. That doctor could be your regular family doctor or it can be a dermatologist if you have access to one.