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How do I find a 'cast' for an independent film?

This film is part of the series "How To Find A Cast For An Independent Film"

How To Find A Cast For An Independent Film

Ben Lyons (Producer) gives expert video advice on: How do I find a 'cast' for an independent film?

How do I find a 'cast' for an independent film?

When you want a cast for your independent film, get the script to anybody who is willing to read it. Whether it is a big Hollywood star and you are trying to approach their agent directly, or dealing with a casting director. Usually if you hire a casting director onto your film they have relationships with talent agencies and management companies and they can go out and start casting and reading people for the independent film. It is not like the independent film maker, the writer, and the director of the movie has to necessarily submit their script directly to the big talent agencies around town as you can have a casting director there. They have their own relationships and then bring people in the room. People hold castings all different ways. They offer people films without making them audition, for example everybody in Grindhouse had to read twice for the part, no matter how big a star they were. Other times they hold the open casting calls at a store or Times Square, like "come and read for the part of Harry Potter's little brother", whomever, whatever. They hold casting sessions of all different sizes and basically it is about finding the people who are the best suited for the part and who are willing to do the part on budget. It is an independent film and it is going to be cheap. You want people who are willing to work long hours and really, really commit to the material. It is really important for an independent film to have people who believe in the material and not for just for a payday or what it is going to do for their career.