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How do I housebreak my cat?

This film is part of the series "How To Housebreak Your Cat"

How To Housebreak Your Cat

Arden Moore (Animal Behavioral Specialist, Editor and Author) gives expert video advice on: How do I housebreak my cat?

How do I housebreak my cat?

Unlike puppies for some blessing kittens seem to know how to use litter boxes. For the most part. So you know have litter box will uses seems to be the kitten motto. There are those occasions where a little kitten or a new cat you've adopted seem to have a need for you to be their litter box tutor; and when those happen you need to be really patient. You need to first assess the situation. What's the real lowdown here on this litter? Be honest are you really being a good dobe in cleaning out that litter box everyday. Because an overfilled litter box to a cat is like disgusting- "see ya I'm going to go find a nice clean area like that rug over there". You need to make sure you're keeping the litter boxes clean. Secondly, sometimes there bathroom mishaps because there's a medical reason. Your cat suddenly has, maybe a feline lower urinary tract disease, and can't help it. So you need to rule that out with your veterinarian. Third there may be something happening in the household or outside taht makes that cat feel threatened or scarred. Maybe there's a bully cat outside going "nana nanana" outside and you cat feel like she got to protect her turf and she's starting to spray outside her box. There's many many reason why cats do not use the littter box.