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How will I know if my dead loved ones are trying to contact me?

This film is part of the series "How To Know If Your Dead Loved Ones Are Trying To Contact You"

How To Know If Your Dead Loved Ones Are Trying To Contact You

James Van Praagh (Medium, Author) gives expert video advice on: How will I know if my dead loved ones are trying to contact me?

How will I know if my dead loved ones are trying to contact me?

Let's say you are a spirit, I am writing a book right now about this. Let's say it's a guy that dies of a heart attack, an Italian guy, and he didn't believe necessarily in life after death that he could do this sort of thing. All of sudden he finds himself out of his body, he's at his memorial service or at his wake. He sees his dead body there, all his old friends, he's like, I feel fine, I feel wonderful, I've never felt this good in my whole life. I must be alive, there's no way I can be dead I feel great. That happens all the time, what do they want to do? They want to go to their loved ones. Just see the movie Ghost, exactly what happens. They go to the loved one "I'm hear, can you hear me?", and they go screaming and shouting. "I'm hear don't you see me?" It's very frustrating for the spirit, very frustrating. They're crying, looking at this dead body, this carcass. They're not there, they're behind them. So what do they do, well first of all they calm down and they have to concentrate their energy. Sending thoughts to their loved one, "I'm right, I'm fine, I'm fine". The loved one will receive them in some way. A good example of this, sometimes we're driving the car and we're driving, and we think of our loved one. We think it is coming from us, did you ever think that they're sitting next to us in the seat next to us sending us a thought of themselves that they're ok. We intuit that, oh I'm thinking about my Uncle Fred, I wonder how Uncle Fred is. That sort of thing, OK. Also, so that is one way, so inspirational thought. Another way, if they're good at it, mechanically they have to start working with electricity. they can affect electromagnetic fields of electricity. It seems that some spirits are better at it than others, just like in communication some are good at certain things and not other things. So many times it will affect electricity, whether it's turning the light on and off, flickering light bulb. Television goes weird, the radio acts really weird. I don't know how they do it but somehow they can play music songs that the person loved. It's so weird. They work closely with the animal kingdom where they can influence a bird to stand, sit there, it's very very weird. Many times I've had where they have a person comes into their life that looks just like them. They like influence that to happen. It's really really weird. situations like that happen all the time. It's spirit working it, really working it. the methodology of, methodology, I guess you say, of working it that way. It's hard, they affect things that way, it's all energetically.