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How can you make curly hair straight?

This film is part of the series "How To Make Curly Hair Straight"

How To Make Curly Hair Straight

Trevor Sorbie (Director) gives expert video advice on: How can you make curly hair straight?

How can you make curly hair straight?

To make curly hair straight – there are several methods. The obvious one is to blow dry your hair with either a large round brush or a paddle brush which is a flat sort of brush; that's another type of brush. Or what we call a Denman brush is another good brush for straightening hair. And literally, by towel drying your hair, blasting it sort of semi-dry, and then with a brush, just pulling the brush, followed up by the heat of the hair dryer, that will make hair straight. Straightening irons are the quickest and probably the easiest way of straightening curly hair. But having said that, you can; chemically straighten hair. Black people do that an awful lot, but they have their own type of products and they're not really suitable to be used on Caucasian hair because the structure of the hair is different. But we do have chemicals for Caucasians where you can straighten hair. Does it damage the hair? Anything that's chemical that's added to hair will have some sort of damaging effect. Therefore, the application is what's most important so whoever is technically applying this product to the hair has to be a professional. Otherwise, there can be hair loss, you can have your skin burnt if it's not applied correctly and it can really dry your hair out. So therefore, you see, straightening hair is basically the opposite of curling hair. Instead of putting a roller in and curling it and putting perm lotion on, you're doing the opposite. You're pulling the hair straight, but you're still putting lotion on, but you're combing it straight. So it's a perm in reverse. And you can have disasters with perms - as many people in this country have had at some point, maybe a even burn, or it's gone frizzy because it's been left on too long. The same things can happen when you straighten it, so that's why it needs to be a professional to do it.