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How can you make straight hair curly?

This film is part of the series "How To Make Straight Hair Curly"

How To Make Straight Hair Curly

Trevor Sorbie (Director) gives expert video advice on: How can you make straight hair curly?

How can you make straight hair curly?

There are about six or seven different methods of making straight hair curly. The obvious one is to perm the hair, but nowadays very few people have perms. I can't remember the last time a client came in here for a perm, and I'm talking about months. You can curl hair with rollers. You can curl hair with curling irons. You can curl hair by doing what is called pin curl, which is where you take the hair and you literally make it almost like it's around a roller, but there's no roller, and then you pin it. You make hair curl that way. There are many appliances in the electrical departments that do all kinds of waving and different types of curls. You can use these bendy rollers that you just roll in and you clip over. You can even use the same principle in using rags; you an get a piece of rag, tie it, sleep on it, and make hair curly that way. There's a multitude of different ways of curling hair, and my advice when a client comes into the salon and says, "I want my hair curly", due to the fact that there are six, seven, eight different ways of curling hair and they all give a somewhat different effect, the best way is to say to the client "Well look, have a look at our hair magazine and just tell me what type of curl you want", because a permed curl is not like hair that's curled in a roller. It's a completely different curl but they're both curls. So, to identify you have to be a bit more explicit and this is where the problems lie with clients. They don't quite get the curl that they thought they were going to get because it's been misinterpreted. That's why a photograph pinpoints the type of curl and then the hairdresser should then say, "Yeah, that's done with a curling iron".