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How can I organize food cabinets or pantries?

This film is part of the series "How To Organize Food Cabinets Or Pantries In Your Kitchen"

How To Organize Food Cabinets Or Pantries In Your Kitchen

Mary Astadourian (Professional Organizer) gives expert video advice on: How can I organize food cabinets or pantries?

How can I organize food cabinets or pantries?

I think the best way to organize your kitchen cabinets so that they're more efficient, is again to follow my rule of: empty them out. And in a kitchen you can do it in more steps. Empty out your pantry. Really take a look at it. Look at all the food that you have. Put it in groups. You know, I like to put all the canned foods together. I like to put all the syrups and sauces and things like that together. The bread items, the pancake mixes, the cereals all together. There are so many ways that you can sort it out. You can do breakfast foods in one group, you can do condiments, but you want to create little clusters of food. And then, look at your pantry or your cabinets and figure out what's the best way you're going to be able to put these back. If there are foods that you eat all the time you want to make sure that you put them where you can easily reach them and you're not having to step up on something every time you want to grab your Cheerios. If there's things you don't want to use all the time, you can put them on a higher shelf. But the key is, because pantries especially fall prey to this, is you want to make sure you know what's in there, because, again, you'll end up buying it again, or you'll forget that it's there. And it will end up not being used and it will go to waste. So, I like to containerize certain things. For example, a small plastic bin that you can put all your condiments in and then you can label it and then you can put all of those on a shelf together. Now you've sort of condensed everything together but you also know that these are all my condiments. I don't have to go searching anywhere else in this cabinet to try to find the mustard or the ketchup or the capers or whatever it may be. You can do that with everything. You can do that with jams and jellies and syrups. You can do that with any sort of specialty items like olives and artichokes and things like that. It just depends on what kind of things you keep in your kitchen. So, if you can group things together you end up actually saving space. And again, if you can get yourself things that have a more tiered approach, you'll end up making more of the space that you actually have in your cabinets.