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How do you plan an interview?

This film is part of the series "How To Plan A Podcast Interview"

How To Plan A Podcast Interview

Danny Kelly (Podcaster) gives expert video advice on: How do you plan an interview?

How do you plan an interview?

A good interview will cover the topics that the person listening, not the person who's being interviewed or the interviewer, is passionate about. You need to get to tease out or to ask directly, the things that the average listener would want. Most people who have been doing this for any length of time write down a few key things just to remind themselves. It's a mistake to over plan an interview, you might write out twenty questions, beautifully researched, leaping from one topic to another with absolute elegance, but as soon as you start speaking to somebody, it's a conversation. An interview is a conversation, and as soon as you start speaking to the other person, they're bound to say something that throws you off your carefully prepared script. The great trick for broadcasters is to actually listen and make sure you're listening to the person who's speaking. Whether they're the humblest punter on the phone or the captain of the England football team, you've got to be listening, and you've got to be agile enough to say "wow, you just said that." The example I would use is that we had a few lines put out when we spoke to Michael Owen, the England striker who was injured, talking about what he was doing. I thought we would be talking about rehab and the loneliness of a long-distance runner, and suddenly, he let slip that he spends all his time with his horses at home. If you've got an over-prepared script and you're not listening carefully, you miss that. You'll say "Oh well, that's great" and move on to the next question. The interesting thing for the whole next ten minutes was about his passion for race horses and the fact that he'd got a stable at the back of his house, and had six or seven of these beasts, which he personally was feeding and grooming and all the rest of it, while injured. thus, a few notes to yourself, to make sure that you do hit the desired topics that everyone wants to know about, but are not so constricted by structure that you'll end up actually missing the interesting things that people have got to say.