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How can I prevent a muscle cramp?

This film is part of the series "How To Prevent A Muscle Cramp"

How To Prevent A Muscle Cramp

Jerry Pryde, MD, MPH, CIME (Clinical Chief, Department of Rehabilitation, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) gives expert video advice on: How can I prevent a muscle cramp?

How can I prevent a muscle cramp?

Some muscle cramps can be prevented, if it's muscle cramps that you are experiencing in a particular activity. Let's say if you are walking or you're a runner or cramps that you may get in a gym when you're weight lifting, often a pre exercise stretching program will help prevent the cramps. So by stretching a muscle before you participate in an excersise program often improves the efficiency of the contractions of that muscle and so when you're using that muscle in your weight lifting program, for example, that muscle is going to be functioning more efficiently and you are less likely to develop an irritation on the muscle that will cause that local charlie horse, spasm type cramp in the muscle.