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How can I put myself into a light relaxation trance?

This film is part of the series "How To Put Yourself Into A Light Relaxation Trance"

How To Put Yourself Into A Light Relaxation Trance

Robert Pino (Director, Robert Pino Center for Growth) gives expert video advice on: How can I put myself into a light relaxation trance?

How can I put myself into a light relaxation trance?

If you would like to decompress, or de-stress yourself, there is a very easy technique to put yourself into a kind of hypnotic state or a trance state - a light relaxation trance. You start off with noticing what is around you, and say that, in your own mind, for instance, you're sitting in your chair, watching this video, and hearing me talk. While you do that, you found yourself that your breath has already got deeper. Interesting thing is that I use three elements that are in your immediate environment which tells the brain yes, yes, yes. You're sitting in the chair, watching the video, and hearing my voice. That's a yes, that's a yes, and that's a yes. And notice that your breath has gone deeper, deeper still. That's a yes, too, because the brain says three yes's. Once the brain says the fourth yes, and your breath is actually lower, because you were focussing on those three things, you start to unwind. Now, when you do that, you pick instead of three outside elements that are true, two outside elements. For instance, you're writing down, and sitting in the chair, and you feel your back against the chair, while you are even more and more concentrated on feeling really, really mellow. That's a yes, yes, and inward concentration again. So it's outside concentration, inward concentration, outside concentration, inward concentration. Before you know it, you have been in a trance, albeit a light relaxation trance.