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How do I interpret my cat's body language?

This film is part of the series "How To Read Your Cat's Body Language"

How To Read Your Cat's Body Language

Arden Moore (Animal Behavioral Specialist, Editor and Author) gives expert video advice on: How do I interpret my cat's body language?

How do I interpret my cat's body language?

Have you ever been at a place where not a word is spoken and yet you know exactly what that person is saying to you? Well, when it comes to cats and their body language, the good news is, they're quite candid. You'll never see them faking out an emotion with you. I like to say that cats put the "C" in candid, the "A" in attitude, the "T" in tenacious, and the "S" in so what! When you're looking at a cat's body language you have to look at the whole body. Make sure that the cat's eyes are relaxed. If they do little soft winks, that's a hello. A cat who's tail is lazily up but twitters at the very top, that means I love you, you rock my world! A cat's tail that's sideways or swishing really fast means they're either feeling threatened or they're ready to jump on something. Pay attention to the eyes, if they're wide and dilated, and it's not the dark, they might be scared or they might be aggressive. So there are many things in a cats body language that you can look to, but the one guarantee is, they're always candid and consistent in their body language.