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How can I steam things up with my wife?

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How To Sex Things Up With Your Wife

Sheri Meyers (Marriage and Family Therapist) gives expert video advice on: How can I steam things up with my wife?

How can I steam things up with my wife?

If you would like to steam things up with your wife, you need to know the difference between men and women. While men like direct stimulation and are quick to warm up, women are the opposite. They are like a simmering pot. They are a slow boil. You've got to start slow and be patient, because timing is everything. You don't go direct to the spot that you know turns her on. You elude it a little. You go in areas that maybe aren't as stimulating because that, in a way, opens your wife up to want it more. Often, when a woman isn't turned on quickly, or doesn't get satisfied, the man thinks something is wrong with her. But it's really about timing, and learning what your wife's body is like and what turns her on; exploring and finding those sensitive areas that you may not even know about. You want to steam things up with your wife? Take your time. Discover her deep turn-ons. Even ask her, "Mmmm, does that feel good?" or, "Do you like it when I do this?" Listen to the purrs, the sighs and the "mmms", because that will be a direct feedback that you're right on the course.