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How do I start a political party?

This film is part of the series "How To Start A Political Party"

How To Start A Political Party

Matthew Jones (Political Science Instructor) gives expert video advice on: How do I start a political party?

How do I start a political party?

Really, political parties, in a simple form, or even maybe somewhat of a simplistic form, are just private organizations, a private club, so to speak. So in a way, starting a political party is roughly similar to starting any other sort of private club - starting an Elks Club association or whatever. The 'Club of Guys Who Like Black Shirts;' whatever. So you just get a group of people together - or more than just yourself, obviously - and you come up with a label, you come up with what you're going to call yourself; you come up with a purpose statement, goals, your reason for existing. And then you create who's the president, who's the vice president, who's the treasurer, these sorts of things. You have a leadership. And then you start looking around for somebody who will actually run for office using your label. So if I wanted to start the Matt Jones Party of Enlightenment, Wisdom, and Barbecue Sauce, because I'm for enlightenment, wisdom, and I like barbecue sauce, then I could. Now I've just got to find somebody who's willing to run for office under that label. And then each state has its own requirements for what it takes to actually get on the ballot: a number of signatures, and usually a fee of some sort that you have to pay to the state. And if you achieve that requirement, then you can get on the ballot, your name, and the party that you call yourself will be on the ballot also. And there you go - you've now got a party. So really, forming a political party is about getting people elected, as I said. If you can find somebody to run for office who can make the ballot requirements with your party label, then you are now on the ballot.