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How can I stay focused during an exam?

This film is part of the series "How To Stay Focused In An Exam"

How To Stay Focused In An Exam

George Turnbull (Exam Doctor) gives expert video advice on: How can I stay focused during an exam?

How can I stay focused during an exam?

The way to stay focused during an exam is to ignore everybody around you, the people writing furiously right from the very beginning, or anything else happening in the examination room. Remember, it's your examination and nobody else's and it's the examiner that will decide whether you've done well enough to pass or not, nobody else. So, make sure your mind is completely separate from everything else that's going on in the examination room, and if you carry out good preparation before you go and you've prepared yourself in terms of how you approach the examination room and you've read over your paper, I think you'll find yourself fairly focused and the time will pass very quickly as well.