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How do you start taking up astronomy?

This film is part of the series "How To Take Up Astronomy"

How To Take Up Astronomy

Patrick Moore (Astronomer) gives expert video advice on: How do you start taking up astronomy?

How do you start taking up astronomy?

I did that a long time ago, when I was a boy, so I'll say what I personally did. First of all, I read some books and got the general background. There weren't so many books in those days, of course. The next thing I did was that I went out at night and began learning my way around the sky. That's easy enough because the stars don't move compared to each other. I made a pact to learn one new constellation every night and it worked. Then I borrowed a pair of binoculars and looked around with that. I was still infected, so what next? I was lucky, I was able to join an astronomical association, and I recommend that strongly. Then finally, I got a small telescope which I still have. I went on from there. By that time, I made up my mind that my main interest was going to be the solar system and, in particular, the moon. That's how I started. It worked.