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What kinds of behaviors can be modified using hypnosis?

Hypnosis And Changing Your Behavior

John McGrail, C.Ht. (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) gives expert video advice on: Can hypnosis help me quit smoking?; Can hypnosis help me lose weight?; Can hypnosis help me sleep better? and more...

What kinds of behaviors can be modified using hypnosis?

Any behavior that is not psychopathic can probably be altered using hypnosis as at least an adjunctive therapy. Hypnosis is just that. It is a tool through which we can modify our behavior. So if you have a fear or a phobia that's inappropriate or unwanted—or a habit, for instance, that's inappropriate or unwanted, or an emotional pattern like low self-esteem or low self-confidence—those can be overcome and transcended with the help of hypnosis. Is it guaranteed? No, but what is. It's not magic. It's a process. But it happens to be a state of consciousness in which the mind becomes very adaptable to change, and the subconscious mind will listen to whatever you tell it without the critical conscious mind in the way, which is basically the case when we're in trance. That's how we do it. So I tell people that I work with the worried well of the world—people that just have something in their lives that's not working the way they want it to. Maybe they have a habit—they bite their nails or they're smoking or they weigh a little bit more, they're using food in an inappropriate way, or maybe they just don't feel good about themselves (A lot of people learn not to like themselves very much.)—and they don't like that. It's keeping them from living the life they want. Through hypnotherapy—and other tools, of course—we can help people transcend those issues

Can hypnosis help me quit smoking?

Hypnosis can help a person quit smoking. In fact, in my opinion, it is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to quit smoking. Smoking is a habit and yes, it's an addictive habit but it's emotionally addictive as well as physically addictive. The physical addiction with nicotine is one that is really easily surmounted. Nicotine is out of the body in 72-96 hours but the emotional patterns, the habits, that we ingrain with our smoking are a little bit more difficult to get rid of and hypnosis can help a person transend those habits. It can be extremely effective or not effective at all. The most important requirement regardless of what the issue is, is that the person want to create the change and is willing to commit to the process. It's not magic. I can't tap you on the head and say you are no longer a smoker. It may seem like magic but that's not what happens.

Can hypnosis help me lose weight?

Hypnosis can be a very poweful tool in helping person with weigth control or whether or sometimes rarely gaining weight. however weight control is very complex issue. we have two sets of behavior to address, one is the formula that you have eat properly and move more, their is not secret beyond that. so we have to get person motivated to use food properly and that is to use food as fuel, that doesnt mean its not enjoyable anymore but not to use food for what people use food for, which is sometimes medication. they use it to destress, to reduce anxiety, they use it for lot of different reasons other than what its intended for and what its intend to do is fuel the body. so we have to build motivation for behavior that will promote weight loss, eating better and moving more. We are a sedentary society unfortunatly and human body was born to move so we have to build that motivation and then we have to address what that the person has to began with. what was the emotional or behavioral issue that triggered you to get into this uncomfortable condition. why are you being so unkind to youself. because its complex it tends to be a prolonged therapy than other issues. Hypnotherapy is being considered a raw and short term therapy, weight control can take a little bit longer time.Now when i do weight control this is i am speaking for myself because everyone has their own way. I really dont do weight control, i teach the person to be very very kind to themselves. how to treat themselves with the respect and dignity that they were born to get. so you begin to treat your body really really very wel. what does that mean, what choices do i make when i put food in it. what am i gonna eat. if i want that cup cake, it that realy good for me, am i being kind to myself or indulging and here's the difference. Once i get a person to comit, to being kind to themselves then diet exercise becomes natural and easy choice and weight has put them off.

Can hypnosis help me stop drinking or taking drugs?

Hypnosis can be very, very helpful in helping a person overcome addictions, and in the same breath, I will say that overcoming addictions is a bit of a slippery slope, particularly when substance abuse is involved. People abusing alcohol and/or drugs, are taking mind-altering substances. Now hypnosis is a process that uses the mind. If the mind is altered, it makes hypnosis sort of impotent, if you will. So if I'm treating a substance abuse addiction, and I do treat quite a few clients for that, I demand that they also participate concurrently in some sort of sponsored program, where they have a daily requirement to report to somebody and to monitor their process. Addicts will lie to themselves, they will lie to their families, and mostly to themselves. And hypnosis, in and of itself, in clinical studies, has not proven to be particularly effective on its own. However, when combined with an appropriate sponsored program or an appropriate psychotherapeutic program, it can be an extremely powerful adjunctive tool for addictions. And I've seen people get off heroine, methamphetamine, marijuana, alcohol, as well as cigarettes, and all the other addictions that people have. And you know, anything that you do over and over again, whether or not it's a substance abuse, is an addiction. And we're real good at it.

Can hypnosis help me sleep better?

Hypnosis can be a very very powerful tool to help a person sleep better. Now it's interesting that anytime we're dealing with anything that could be medically or psychologically related, we have to be very very careful. If, for instance, insomnia is caused by a medical condition, then hypnosis in and of itself would not be indicated as the primary tool. But if a person is just dealing with a lot of stress in their lives and they're having some sleepless nights, hypnosis can be very powerful because it relaxes the mind and the body and we can then give the client suggestions that will help them when they do go to bed, to do the same exact process and then just slip into a peaceful sleep. If there is a medical issue or if there is a more serious psychological issue, then a hypnotherapist, a lay hypnotherapist like myself, is required to get a written authority, or written referral, from a physician or a psychotherapist. And so, yes, it can be very helpful, and each case has to be taken as an individual case. Why is the person having trouble sleeping? That's number one. If it's a simple case of a little bit too much stress, or eating improperly, or that sort of thing, then yes, it can be very helpful and if it's not, it can be helpful, but it probably will have to be combined with some other treatment.

Can hypnosis help me get better grades?

I work with an enormous number of students from grammar school through graduate school, a lot of lawyers or law school graduates that are getting ready to take the Bar exam. Hypnosis, because it is a process that relaxes the body and eases stress, lends itself very nicely to helping people focus and concentrate and relax. There's sort of a process that we call relaxation that promotes concentration and concentration promotes focus and focus promotes retention and retention, of course, allows recall. So, for a student that is a wonderful process to learn. Hypnosis can be very, very beneficial with study habits, self-discipline, concentration, focus, and helping people get over the nerves of testing.

Can hypnosis help me improve my athletic performance?

I work with athletes at all levels from high school through professional levels and some pretty big names, and you'd be amazed at how many professional athletes use hypnosis because at a certain level, it's not the body anymore. The difference between bronze medal, gold or no medal and being on the podium is usually a difference of the mind. We can help the mind help the body perform to its absolute maximum. Hypnosis is a very very powerful tool, and a lot of athletes use it.

Can hypnosis help curb bedwetting?

Enuresis or bedwetting is a condition that is very treatable with hypnosis. Once again, anything that's medically related, and it's important to remember this, must be treated with a concurrent referral from a medical doctor. In other words, why is the child wetting the bed? If it's biological, and it could be, then hypnosis may or may not be indicated. However, when done appropriately, we can have success rates as high as 99%.

Can hypnosis help me improve my interpersonal skills?

For someone that's just a little shy, has a little bit of low self confidence, don't feel they present themselves well, feels they're too short, maybe they have some physical disability, or just something that makes them feel unaccepted; hypnosis can help them re-learn to accept themselves, to feel more confident, to realize that if someone rejects you or doesn't like you it's not the end of the world, because, guess what, you don't like everybody either. There are six-and-a-half billion people on the planet, you'll find enough people who will like you and you'll find some who don't. So yes, it can help people with discomfort in social situations, interpersonal communication. NLP--Neuro Linguistic Programming--is another excellent tool for helping people communicate better.