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How can examining my own patterns improve my relationships?

Improving Yourself In A Relationship

Philip Van Munching (Author) gives expert video advice on: How can I identify my own relationship patterns?; How do I change my negative relationship patterns? and more...

How can examining my own patterns improve my relationships?

If you can examine your own patterns of behavior, you can really help your relationship in a key way: you take the stress off your partner. The more you understand about what it is that sets you off, and the things that upset you, and the more you can communicate that to your partner, the less likely they are to do those things, the more likely they are to respect those boundaries of yours. And what happens is, you end up getting upset a lot less often, because you have a partner who's aware of what it is that will upset you. And when you can ask them to examine within themselves, what are the things that upset them, and you can sort of go out of your way to not do those things, you find yourself with longer periods of great harmony, and fewer periods of wanting to kill each other.

What if I'm not good at self-reflection?

If you're not good at self-reflection, it means that there's a lot more in your unconscious than you know. This is the stuff we don't want to look at. So it's good to find somebody who knows you, or a few somebody's who know you. That can be relatives, that can be past boy or girlfriends, it can be good friends of yours. Ask them, honestly, what they've seen in terms of your behavior over the years. The more information you can gather about yourself the smarter you can be about your future choices.