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How can I stay safe when I hire people to work inside my home?

Inviting Strangers Inside Your Home

Chris McGoey (President, McGoey Security Consulting) gives expert video advice on: What should I do if I suspect that someone working in my home is dangerous? and more...

What should I do if I suspect that someone working in my home is dangerous?

It's the same type of thing in your home. A person comes in who just gives you the willies, but you let them come in anyway because you don't want to be rude, unkind, but you have to be. You really have to follow your instincts if you think someone is dangerous. But I think telling a person to leave sometimes pushes the issue, makes the situation more dangerous. Sometimes if the person does have aggressive tendencies, and he is thinking about victimizing you, by confronting him now and showing that you are fearful and you want him to leave, might push it to the next level, putting you in greater danger. I think while the person is still trying to let your guard down, that you have more options at that point. I think you're better off excusing yourself, getting on the phone, calling your neighbour to come over, or leaving the house if you truly feel you are in imminent danger. Get out of the house. Sure they're left inside the alone, but leave them there. Get some help, get some help coming. Or from outside the house ask the person posing the danger to leave. You don't ask them inside the house, you step out of your house, or hopefully with a witness present and then ask them to leave. Or if the person works for a company, call the company, and tell them that, "Joe is here doing this repair. I don't feel comfortable with him being here. Would you please ask him to leave?" And then put him on the phone. That way you have that connection. You have the danger identified, so it's less likely that the person will do anything wrong at that point. But I think you have to take the affirmative step without becoming too aggressive.