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What is a body 'type'?

Knowing Your Body Type

Kool Keita (Wardrobe Stylist) gives expert video advice on: Why is it important to know my body type?; How do I determine my clothing size?; What body measurements should I know? and more...

What is a body 'type'?

A body type is a person's particular body shape and size. It is a way that a designer bases the cut of their line, according to a person's body type.

Why is it important to know my body type?

It's so important to know your body type because there are different body types. There is a full figured body, there is a boy shape, there is a pear shape. Some women have wider hips. Some people are top heavy. You need to know your body type because there are certain fabrics and cuts out there that look better on certain body types. If you know your body type, you will be able to purchase clothes that make you look and feel better and make your body type shine.

What is a 'pear shaped' body?

A pear-shaped body type normally is someone who has smaller shoulders, their breast size or cup size is medium to small, and as the torso goes down, their hips get really wide. Around the top of their thighs they are bigger, and then they begin to get smaller. That is a pear shape.

What is an 'hourglass shaped' body?

An hourglass shaped body is found on someone who has nice shoulders that are in proportion with their hips. The hips are round, shapely and not too much bigger. Someone with an hourglass figure has a small waist, full breasts and nice legs - not too thick not too thin. A prime example of an hourglass body would be Jennifer Lopez or Scarlett Johansson.

What is a 'narrow shaped' body?

A narrow-shaped body is a body where the hips and the shoulders are proportionately smaller and also narrow. They don't really have too much curve, but that can all be fixed with different shapes in the clothing to give them that curve, to create a more feminine body type.

What is a 'full figured' body?

A full-figured body is a body that has hips, breasts and shoulders are in proportion to the hips. A woman with a full-figured body is curvaceous, similar to a hourglass body but a little heavier, or a little just fuller in certain areas, in the hips, in the thighs and in the breasts.

What is a 'petite' body?

A petite body is a body that is shorter in size, and they come in different shapes, too. A petite body can be pear shaped, hourglass, or full figured.

What body measurements should I know?

The essential body measurements that you should know are definitely your waist, your hips, your bust, your dress size and your shoe size. If you don't know your correct bust size, which is very important, go to your nearest lingerie store and have the store attendant measure you correctly. Women tend to always have incorrect bra and bust sizes.