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Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?

Life Of A Fashion PR

Hannah Campbell (Senior Account Manager, Communications Team) gives expert video advice on: Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?; How many shoots do you provide clothes for each day?; Do you concentrate on providing clothes for one job? and more...

Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?

I've not really experienced much quiet. It's busy, but I think you thrive on that. And that's what's exciting about it. The excitement is that there is no day ever the same, and it's always new things and new challenges. You don't ever come in and say, "Oh, I wish I wasn't here, because I'm doing the same as what I was doing yesterday or last week." So it is always busy, but always good.

How many shoots do you provide clothes for each day?

We probably send out forty stories a day, roughly. Depending on the time of year, I mean sometimes before shores it's really, really busy, because everyone's trying to get things done before they go away and again before Christmas it's really busy. So any holiday period it gets very hectic and we send out more.

Do you concentrate on providing clothes for one job?

I don't, personally. Sometimes I do. It depends, everyone gets their hands dirty and makes sure that you are doing the service that you need to do in getting clothes out there. My team do the sample movement and they make sure that their clients are in there first and foremost. If there's another brander we're working with that's managed by somebody else, they'll make sure that their stories are shared.

How does being a Fashion PR affect family life?

I don't have a family as such, I have a boyfriend. No, I was joking. I don't have my own family as in my own children b I think, you are busy and you've just got to prioritize what's important to you. You've got to make sure that you see your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom or dad. I think you can balance family and work. If you work somewhere that appreciates you and you put in a lot of effort, then, it's not difficult to say, well my mom is here for the weekend, so I'm going to take four hours off this afternoon to do that because as long as you deliver, as long as you do the job, the hours are unique.

How much travel is involved in being a Fashion PR?

I have done a bit of travel it's mainly between your sort of key fashion cities so New York, Paris, Milan, and sometimes I go to Manchester because one of my clients based up there, it's kind of mixed. It's generally arranged twice a year like once every season you have the trade shows so you'll go to Petty in Florence, or a bread and butter in Barcelona and then you might go on from that to Paris or Milan or wherever. Again it depends on who you're working for if your client shows at trade shows or if they show at the catwalk shows then you've got to be there and if they don't then you won't travel that much I don't think.

Are many of your friends fashion designers or Fashion PRs?

Lots of my friends are fashion PRs, because obviously you meet friends at work. I went to college and did design at college, so there's lots of people that I went to college with that are designers. Some of them are visual merchandisers. They've just gone into different areas of creative industries. But yes, a lot of my friends are designers and fashion PR's.

What makes a great brand or label stand out?

What makes a great brand or label are things like heritage. If your product is iconic, if it's new, if it's got a great name attached to it, a great designer behind it, or great PR behind it. Ultimately it's got to be desirable.

Who is your inspiration?

From a work point of view my inspiration is somebody I worked with when I was at university. We did a year out and I did work placements. The operations director Monica Gabriel was a massive inspiration to me. She's firey and she just works really hard and she gains instant respect when she walks in a room.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

I don't have a favorite. I love fashion, and I love different aspects of different designers' work. There's people who I've worked with, and if I like the people, I'll now generally be behind them as designers as well.

What is the worst thing about being a Fashion PR?

Pressure to be thin.

What is the best thing about being a Fashion PR?

The best thing about being a Fashion PR is it's exciting. I feel excited about being involved in what people are wearing, to be involved in influencing someone's decision to see someone sitting on a tube reading about something that you've placed in a magazine or you just get a buzz off it.

How damaging is a bad season to a brand?

I guess it depends on the size of a brand. Obviously, it can be really damaging. It depends how long we've been going for. If it's in early years, then it can kill them off. If it's someone who's been particularly established, they're just having a bad bump, then there's potential to, obviously, come back from that.

Do you get invited to glamorous parties?

Yes, quite a lot. Last Thursday night we did four in a night. They have different levels of glamour.

Do you get lots of free clothes as a fashion PR?

Rather than get free clothes, you should endorse your brands basically. So if I work with Levi's, which I do, then I wear Levi's.

What does 'the new black' mean?

The new black' means the new colour of the season. Everyone wears black, it's always in, so it's what's going to be the biggest colour that season. That's what 'the new black' means.

Is working in Fashion PR like 'Ugly Betty'?

No, there's no one that looks like her here.