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Why did you want to be a beauty queen?

Lifestyle Of A Beauty Queen

Meagan Tandy (Miss California USA, 2007) gives expert video advice on: Why did you want to be a beauty queen?; What did you expect to gain from becoming a beauty queen?; What are the benefits of being a beauty pageant queen? and more...

Why did you want to be a beauty queen?

Honestly the opportunities that are within it. Aside from meeting people, it's just all that networking, I knew that this was going to kind of create an outlet for me. And plus my whole thing is to kind of be an actress so I figured,l Ok well maybe this will give me a little shot. And this actually has sparked a little interest for broadcast journalism somehow so now I want to do that. And it's helped me with my communication skills, my self confidence and these are just things that I need to take me on in life and I knew that I could get that from this opportunity.

What did you expect to gain from becoming a beauty queen?

Honestly, I didn't even exactly know all that it entailed. I kind of just signed up, gave them my money and hoped that it would be the most wonderful thing ever. And it has been. But I didn't actually look at it and say, "Oh my God, am I ready for this?" I just went with it, and whatever came at me I just dealt with.

What are the benefits of being a beauty pageant queen?

Probably just the opportunities to go out and network. Because, by me networking and making connections, it's actually giving me the opportunity to move forward and do other things. So I'm now with the Screen Actors Guild, and I filmed a couple of commercials, and actually through some of the people that I've met, I'm now able to go on and do other things like hosting jobs and MCing, making appearances for little charities and things. So overall, I think it's just being able to go out and not only represent your state, but you're kind of like the ambassador for the state. You're always meeting new people.

What sacrifices have you made as a beauty queen?

Probably time. You don't really have much time being a beauty queen because, well being Miss California USA, it's really what you make of it, there aren't any like set duties of things that you have to do. However, I wanted to stay, I wanted to keep busy, I wanted to use all of my options that were offered to me, and so I just kept myself as busy as possible. So, I don't know, it's really just the time, I didn't really have much time. Right now, I am exhausted. I'm dying, I need some sleep, so probably that as well. Can't get any sleep.

What are the rules for a beauty contestant?

You can't go out there and drink and do drugs and party hardy hardy and go crazy, have your boyfriends in your room. There's really no crazy stuff. I think everything is just having good moral standards, being a really good representative for the state--and even if you didn't win the state, just being a good representative for your actual city. That's basically just the goal and what the rules are, and whatever that means to you is what it is.

Do you ever feel like having a Lindsay Lohan moment because of strict pageant rules?

Honestly i never like having a Lindsay Lohan moment because i don't really drink I'm 22 but i don't drink i don't party i actually just for a first time like two weeks ago like spend my two days going out which a lot of fun.